So how good are the Red Sox as we head into the season? Let’s see what the so-called experts have to say. has the Red Sox as the fourth choice to win the World Series at 12-1 odds. Boston is 6-1 to win the American League, behind the Kansas City Royals at 5-1.

Baseball Prospectus has the Sox going 88-74 finishing second to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Fangraphs picked the Red Sox to win 92 games and win the AL East by five games over the Yankees.

USA Today has the Sox finishing 88-74 to win the East.

And Sports Illustrated says the Red Sox will be 92-70, finish in second place to the Toronto Blue Jays and lose to the Texas Rangers in the AL Wild Card game.

And the Wiseguys out in Vegas have the Red Sox over/under total at 85 1/2.

So anyway you look at it, the expectations for the Red Sox to bounce back after two last places finishes in a row are high. But take these projections with a grain of salt. Last year, Fangraphs projected the Red Sox to win 86 games games while Baseball Prospectus pegged them to win 89 games. Their 2015 record was 75-84.

We will begin to see how good the Sons of John Farrell really are starting Monday in Cleveland.