Sons of Liberty NFL Whiskey Wager

    Sons of Liberty Spirits and J. Rieger & Co. Create NFL Whiskey Wager

    Sons of Liberty Spirits in South Kingstown, Rhode Island has their starting line-up of whiskey ready for the “whiskey wager” made with the opposing distillery, J. Rieger & Co. in Kansas, Missouri for this year’s NFL Whiskey Wager. There is a lot at stake aside from a case of each distillery’s finest whiskey leading up to the game, including boasting rights and team pride. No Sons of Liberty affiliate wants to be seen distilling the following day in Chiefs gear, or vice versa. The wager began with friendly banter over Facebook and social media between the two distilleries using the handle #NFLWhiskeyWars on Instagram and Facebook and the handles @SOLspirits & @JRiegerCo on Twitter. Followers of both brands are joining the chirping battles and getting hyped up for today’s game.

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    Loyal fans of both Sons of Liberty and J. Rieger & Co. are showing their hometown support and attending tastings and events. Fans are eager to assess today’s game and reap the outcome of the whiskey wager. The combination of friends, family, whiskey, football, and a little competition make for a rowdy time.

    Sons of Liberty Spirits posted a photograph of their brand-name whiskey on Instragram, and the message was clear: “Our starting lineup is set for our #NFLWhiskeyWager with @jriegerco! When the @patriots beat the @chiefs tomorrow the crew at @jriegerco will have to send us some of their finest whiskey AND spend a day distilling in Patriots gear. Go Pats!“

    In response, J. Rieger & Co. crafted a message back with a photograph of their home team: “Team photo day before this weekend’s @chiefs game. Saturday is going to be all about deflating the @patriots. Come Monday, @solspirits will be sending us our prize. #NFLWhiskeyWager”.


    The Chiefs are coming into today’s Divisional round showdown with a three month hot streak, including 11 straight wins. Last weekend’s game boosted Kansas City’s ego with a relentless 30-0 win over the Houston Texans. The momentum the Chiefs have gained in recent games, however, is not the only factor to weigh in on to pre-analyze today’s outcome. The Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champions and finally have their key offensive players healthy and back in the game, making for a full offensive force. Both Patriots and Chiefs fans will wait and see if the Patriots, who seemed uninspired in recent games, will come back as the powerhouse they were earlier this season to make for a tight, knee-buckling game to watch.

    The whiskey wager tradition started last year when Sons of Liberty Spirits came up with the idea to reach out to an opposing distillery and place a bet on a Colts game, wagering their finest whiskey product. The distillery crews participating received some traction via social media, and so the tradition stuck. The friendly banter over the game allowed the Sons of Liberty Spirits and participating distilleries to tap into their fan base and build relationships with other distilleries. “The whiskey wager creates a lot of friendly banter in a 48-hour social media war,” says Dominic Amenta, Founder and Principle of DPA Communications. “Each distillery participating is also able to connect with their brand followers to support the hometown team and distillery.”


    Sons of Liberty is located in South Kingstown Rhode Island- a Pats Nation distillery, of course. The distillery is known for their innovation to create revolutionary seasonal whiskeys and beers, re-inventing the classic American whiskey. The distillery, J. Rieger & Co., is located in Kansas City, Missouri and maintains its quarter of a million customers by offering mail-order delivery services and offers over a 100 alcoholic products. Both distilleries have in common their love for fine whiskey and a high-stakes football game.

    Bring your best social media game and use the #NFLWhiskeyWars hashtag and handles to brag freely about your team and distillery. Even better, drink some whiskey from your hometown distillery. Nothing says badass more than a whiskey-wince while watching a football game!




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