By this time last year, the Red Sox had already cemented themselves in the cellar of the AL East. Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval busted, and the five aces proved they couldn’t fit the bill. With the tremendous amount of resources at hand, they were still terrible.

Naturally, there was good reason to expect improvement from the Sox in 2016. That’s exactly what fans have seen so far. Yet, there is still tremendous negativity around the team.

It’s really no surprise that fans are still extremely pessimistic about the Red Sox. That’s Boston. Unlike Boston’s hockey team, there are reasons to believe the Boys of Summer are better than a year ago. This comes from one of the most negative fans you know.

The $217 million dollar ace has pitched very poorly thus far. Price’s ERA has reached 6.75, worst in the majors. Panic has started to sweep through the Fens. Hit the brakes before calling him a bust. There has never been a point in his career where he has been this bad.

Price has been one of the most dominant starting pitchers in baseball. He’s hit a rough stretch, and it happens to the best. He’s only had seven starts and it’s May 10. With their ace pitching the worst baseball of his career, the Sox are still in first place.

Amazingly enough, Price is 4-1 despite his terrible ERA. The bats have been swinging, and the pitchers are getting run support. The Sox have scored the most runs and have the top batting average in the American League through thirty two games. They’ve also been strong defensively, tied for the least amount of errors.

This team has been receiving fantastic production from surprising places. Steven Wright has been lights out. Earlier this year he wasn’t even expected to be in the rotation. Hanley Ramirez has been a quality first baseman so far this year. The starting rotation has been better, even Rick Porcello has got the job done. The bullpen has plenty of arms and Carson Smith is returning from the DL.

Outside of Pablo Sandoval, things are looking up for the Sox. It’s more likely that David Price turns his season around, than continuing to spiral downhill. There’s one hundred and thirty games left in the 2016 season. The team has young talent and a legend looking to end his career with a bang.

Get a grip. This season will end up being a fun ride.