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Stack & Smash Radio – Episode #18 (Dr Sarah)


Rob & Jesse return for episode 18 of Stack And Smash Radio. On this episode, Rob tells us about his recent woes with Microsoft as he goes on an Xbox rant.  Brodad returns to the big screen as we air a brand new segment called “Brodads 10 Word Movie Review”.  Last Tuesday, we had the pleasure of seeing the action packed Expendables 3, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mel Gibson and just about every other awesome actor you can think of.  Brodad breaks down the movie and we picked the 10 key words out of his synopsis to air for your viewing pleasure.  Dr Sarah stopped by to chat with us about @TheSACapp and gave us a few tips on how to use the app.  As usual, we hit her with the “Stack And Smash Stash Of 5 Furiously Fast Quintessential Questions”, brought to you by Dave Wilkins… and speaking of Dave, we also aired his response to our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which broke the mold of the wonderful, but seemingly redundant videos.  Dave is a trendsetter.  This is what he does. Check out episode 18 of Stack And Smash Radio and be sure to subscribe to the new YouTube channel.

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