The Boston Red Sox Opening Day is tomorrow, taking on the Tampa Bay Rays with ace Chris Sale on the mound and people don’t care because of the Celtics and Bruins.

It seems that the Red Sox are not getting as much buzz as they usually get before the season starts and one big reason is that of the wildly entertaining Boston Bruins and Celtics seasons right now.

To be honest, I just realized the Red Sox season starts tomorrow. I totally forgot. All I can think about right now is the Bruins taking on the Tampa Bay Lighting tomorrow battling for the No. 1 seed in the Atlantic division. All I can think about is how the injury-riddled Celtics AND Bruins continue to win games. Brad Stevens is without his superstar player Kyrie Irving and is still somehow winning games. The Bruins are without their top-2 defensemen (Chara, McAvoy) and 3 core forwards (Backes, DeBrusk, and Rick Nash) out and are still somehow winning.

Pair that with probably the slowest baseball offseason of all-time and you get absolutely no buzz. It took the Sox the whole entire offseason to sign JD Martinez and at that point, I didn’t even care when it went down because it took so long.

You still have your die-hard Red Sox fans pumped up about the season but I’d say the majority of Boston sports fans will not be invested in the Sox till around June when the Celtics and Bruins playoff runs end (With Championships).

The Celtics and Bruins have put together very entertaining seasons, they have me glued to the TV every time I am watching especially as their season’s wine down and now entering playoff time. This is where it gets fun. I could care less about the Red Sox first 30 games of the season because we have playoff hockey and basketball coming soon on 100 Legends Way, Boston MA with both teams having expectations to make deep runs.

Seriously, what is the biggest story going for the Red Sox right now? I really can’t think of one. All I can think of is if J.D. Martinez doesn’t hit like he did in the second half of last season, then the Sox might be screwed. Other than that, I got nothing.

However, you have the Bruins looking primed for a Stanley Cup run, slowly getting all their key pieces back from injuries right in time for the playoffs and then switch from the ice to the parquet. You are watching a possible super-star in the making in Jayson Tatum and the magician Brad Stevens go to work while we wait 3-6 weeks for Kyrie Irving get back on the floor.

For now, I am all in on the Bruins and Celtics. I’ll still watch the Red Sox because I am still a die-hard Sox fan but these 2-teams have my attention until their playoff runs end.  

The Bull Gang is going to be working their tails off all the way to June.

Photo: Boston Herald