A Sterling Evening: The Boston Fashion Awards From Behind the 1s & 2s



In an earlier Dirty Water News entry, I discussed the extraordinary connection fashion and music have shared over the generations. Incidentally, said entry also touched on my own personal history with the Boston fashion scene, having overseen runway presentations & served as event host for brand launch parties.

I gather my dude Michael Zotos was taking heed of all this. A short time prior to this year’s Boston Fashion Awards event, I was contacted by Mr. Zotos to work as the night’s special guest DJ, joining a roster of musical guests consisting of Louie Bello, MB Padfield, Ball In the House & Constantino. Knowing the prestige involved in this presentation and being well acquainted with the super dope team behind the BFAs, it was my privilege to accept this invite and crush the decks at Bijou.

Knowing some of the most important names in the world of East Coast fashion were going to be present for this, I knew the pressure was on to deliver a show-stealing set. I headed straight for my home lab in the days prior to the show to start working on my presentation. Many of the folks in the building for this already knew the name “Sterling Golden”; now, it was time to school them on the unspoken fourth demandment of Sterlingtology: “Music is life.” It’s my life. it’s your life. I mean, try imagining a world devoid of music: nah, not a stellar time, is it? So I knew I had to bring it like never before.

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Now, here is where this event was on another level entirely for me. I’ve worked as the DJ for special events many times over the years: this time, however, there would be an additional credit next to my name. This would be the first time I’d serve as music director for an entire night’s event, in addition to working my usual duties of presiding over the 1s & 2s. This was truly my honor, and I knew the responsibilities involved would be above & beyond anything else I had been involved with in the past. Nice. Let’s get to work.

So, in addition to my own sets, my night at Bijou also consisted of dropping each track for the runway presentations & selecting intro music for each of the award presentations. The night that would unfold proved to be an exhilarating experience; the crew worked as one to bring to life a most fabulous occasion, one that would honor the work of Boston’s most revered designers, stylists & models. As I have said before, I feel Boston’s uniquely gorgeous take on style ranks up there with anything you’d see out of New York, Paris, or London. This night was all the proof one needed to see this was the case, sending a clear message to everyone on hand that Boston fashion is beautiful & unique in its own right. It was a very cool thing to be part of the team that helped to present such a vibrant, colorful platform for our message.


To name every personal highlight from this event would require another entry unto itself.  There is one that immediately stands out, however: that would be the kickoff to the night’s proceedings, a runway show by Ashley Rose Couture Designs. After dropping the house track for the presentation, I quickly pulled out my DROID Maxx to capture an image for social media. As I was doing so, out strutted the first model of the evening, the stunning Alejandra Escobar. There stood Alejandra, bathed by the spotlight, looking like a world-traveled superstar, as the eyes of the capacity crowd were fixed upon her. What a blessing it was to have captured this exact moment; I am no photographer; I am no Peter Parker. Still, I have got to say: damn that’s a super rad pic. SALUTE to Ashley Rose Couture Designs for starting the night off on such a memorable note, and also to Alejandra for kicking it off with a fabulous flair all her own.

The other highlight I must discuss here, was the break midway through the night, in which I was lined up to drop a 30-minute set. Being accustomed to performing sets of a 60-to-120-minute length, I knew 30 minutes was not a lot of time to leave a lasting impression. The pressure was on to drop a massive set in a half-hour block, to leave the name “Sterling Golden” forever embedded in the minds of those who would hear my set. To me, this was an opportunity to cut loose with some big room-style electro house. I had 30 minutes to kill the set; judging by the reactions of those who approached me afterward, and who contacted me online in the days since, it appears I did my job. I am proud to have delivered what I feel was one of the best sets of my career, at such a high-profile, prestigious event.


I must take this time to drop a special thank you to Mr. Zotos, to VIP Director (and beautiful homegirl) Diamond Liz, and to the entire Boston Fashion Awards crew for bringing me on in this capacity. To be in charge of overseeing the night’s music direction was a huge undertaking; it’s gratifying to know I delivered. This night was a victory for the team, for every participant, and for the Boston fashion & liberal arts scene. We did it with passion, and those who were there shared in that passion with us. This is Boston fashion’s ultimate stage; it’s one I am proud to say I shared. We, as the second demandment of Sterlingtology states, “conquered with humility.”

Facts only.

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