For years now I’ve had Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynyk, R.J. Hunter, Terry Rozier, James Young and now Jaylen Brown shoved down my throat on how good they’re going to be. Only problem is none of them can shoot.

I was told Al Horford was the best free agent the Celtics have ever signed. $27 Million a year for 14 points and 7 boards?

Can I get a refund please?

The Celtics have the best young coach in the NBA. Except he’s never won a playoff series, last coach to lose back-to-back national title games since 1992 and he plays Tyler Zeller and Jonas Jeberko too much, and rookie Jaylen Brown not enough.

The Boston Celtics are in a situation that not even the New England Patriots could dream of. Being a top seed in your conference and being able to get the No. 1 overall pick in this years draft. Even if you just played it out, you couldn’t screw this one up, RIGHT?

Ehhh, wrong.

Building through the draft isn’t the best or only way to do things but it’s a damn good start and Danny hasn’t proven to me that he can evaluate college talent and draft.

I cringed when Boston drafted Jaylen Brown over Buddy Hield last year. Hield is a four-year college athlete who can move without the ball and shoot the lights out, Jaylen never really did it in one game at Cal. Yes, he shows flashes of athleticism but do they have another Marcus Smart on their hands? Could it be that they drafted yet another player that can’t shoot? Well this draft is a good one, a real good one. I love Lonzo Ball’s game, a six-foot-six-inch point guard who has generational passing abilities, unconscious shooter from anywhere on the court and makes everyone on the court better. He lacks full game aggressiveness from time to time but his projection is through the roof.

Other so-called experts like (ESPN’s Chad Ford) like Fultz and Josh Jackson who are solid choices but I don’t like knee injuries on players who come from 9-22 teams and Josh Jackson I wouldn’t choose No. 1 overall. Now they could also trade the pick for a prime time player too but we’ll see about that. Trader Danny hits homers with his trades but is known to overvalue his own players and I’d hate to see them not make a trade because Danny or Brad doesn’t want to trade any of the bad shooters. Without the No. 1 overall pick, they can’t trade the bad shooters away.

The Celtics have had a nice season in a weak Eastern conference but now it’s playoff time and let’s see what they got. Lose in the first round? Major disappointment. Lose in six or seven games in the Semis? I can live with that. Make it to the East finals and put up a dog fight with the Cavs? Success.

On May 16, if those ping pong balls turn up green, then the Celtics will be in one of the best situations you could ever be in as a sports franchise. But be careful Green Teamers, after all this talk about the “Brooklyn picks” this and the “Brooklyn picks” that, well, the clock is ticking. Even if they’re sitting pretty now, the Celtics brass better make the right picks or right trades or this team will fall deeper and deeper into the big black whole of NBA Mediocrity, not to mention being the fourth best team in the best sports city in the world, only ahead of the New England Revolution.