Style and Sweat Equity: A Golden Perspective on the Boston VIPs Show



Facts only: I love working and hanging out with people who make me forget to look at my phone.

When I decided to sit down and write this piece about the Dirty Water News Boston VIPs Show and the amazing, ongoing association I share with my friends, business partners and co-hosts Anna Foster and Lisa Batista, I had to take time out to think about my own career path, how it has come to intertwine with theirs, and how we eventually joined forces. From my own perspective, it’s kind of dope when you reach that moment when you realize how one chance evening can set a whole new path in motion.

This is exactly what went down the night of September 26, 2014, when I stopped by The Greatest Bar in Boston on a random “Dirty Water Friday”.

For those who may not know: at this point of my personal journey in the Boston music & nightlife community, my first run with WEMF Radio had just wrapped after a few months of handling Friday night co-hosting duties. I was also in the midst of what I feel was the strongest, most successful year of my career as a live DJ (it would also prove to be my final). When I hit up “Dirty Water Fridays” on the night in question, it was simply to say a few hello’s to some friends before heading back out into the night, to another destination. No, I do not remember where, which likely means it was a really, really rad evening. Before I knew it, I was chatting with Mr. Dirty Water, my brotha SJ Torres, who asked me if I wanted to be a guest, on the spot, on a new web series he was hosting, Boston VIPs. I just kind of said, “Eh, yeah, sure.” I went before the camera with SJ, promoted my next gigs, was randomly (and pleasantly) greeted on screen by my darling homegirl Amanda Gjura, and that was it.


Before the night was over, we got to talking about doing future work with the Dirty Water News brand, including writing for the site & publication as well as potentially hosting a new Dirty Water series. Crazy how making  a stop to shake a few hands & say a few hello’s can make you embark on an entirely new career road.

Within a matter of weeks, I was not only writing regularly for Dirty Water News, I was also named the new host for the Boston VIPs Show. Interesting new situation. I had held down interviews countless times on the radio in years past; now, we were taking it visual. This was a totally different animal; it took me some time to get comfortable doing this on camera. The original Boston VIPs Show was designed to be an interview series; under this direction, the show lasted from October 2014 to May 2015. As much fun as I had chopping it up with the hottest names in the scene and dominating all the mozzarella sticks at Greatest Bar in the process, I felt the show needed an entirely new vision. There had been some venue changes, we had cohosts come and go, we had a lot of fun nights, and yes, some could be rabid. I felt the time had come for the Boston VIPs Show to fully realize a new identity.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.00.24 PM

At about the same time I reached this point, I was also in the midst of ongoing meetings and interviews with potential new business partners for my new 320 Entertainment venture. In fact, the first time I sat down to meet with Anna and Lisa a few months ago, the purpose was to discuss our own respective brands and businesses, and how we could work to make them shine even brighter. It did not occur to me, at that first meeting, what other types of avenues a potential association with them could take. At our second meeting, the idea came about for us to take the Boston VIPs Show into an exciting new direction together.

In order for me to go into greater detail about what this new direction would be, however, you guys need to know more about the individuals who make up the VIP squad:



Being a maven isn’t something you put on in the morning and take off at night. It’s a state of mind. It’s excelling to the best of your ability. As Founder & President of A Maven’s World, New England’s leading lifestyle brand, Anna Foster embodies what being a maven is all about. With expertise in business formation & organization, consulting, entrepreneurship, event organization, social trends & lifestyle, Anna has worked her way to the top of her field through consistent hard work. Anna lives daily by a winning philosophy: regardless of your season in life, you are able to learn more than what you knew yesterday.



Originally hailing from Espírito Santo, Brasil, Lisa Batista – winner of the Miss Brasil Massachusetts title in 2014 – possesses a blend of elegance and poise that sets her apart from the rest. Her status and reputation has not come easily: Lisa grinds tirelessly to achieve success, studying business and communications as well as putting in work as a world-class fashion model. In addition, Lisa plays as hard as she works, crushing the competition in the game of volleyball. Since earning her title, Lisa has also emceed some of New England’s most important social functions, doing so with one of a kind class and sophistication. With family residing in Brasil as well as the U.S. and possessing the ability to speak & understand several languages, Lisa has a truly global presence. Smart, exhilarating and powerful, Lisa Batista stands in class by herself.



Oh hey, it’s the indefinable Mr. Golden. You may have heard of him: that bald fella who rocks Sterling Shades day & night. Anyway, I enjoyed six years in the Boston scene as the “Master of Mixed Music Arts”, DJing at some of Boston’s finest venues and becoming a two-time Best DJ award nominee (Boston Nightlife Awards) in the process. Along the way, I had the privilege of hosting a number of radio shows, today presenting Monday Night GOLD (Mondays 8PM on WEMF Radio). I am also the Founder & CEO of 320 Entertainment, a nightlife media & entertainment brand dedicated to presenting artists on the comeup throughout New England’s liberal arts community. That said, yes, I still live by the the Three Demandments of Sterlingtology: “Love powerfully. Conquer with humility. Smile & laugh as much as we can.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 3.29.46 PM

Under our shared vision, the idea of the Boston VIPs Show is to give our unvarnished take on Boston’s hottest trending topics, against the backdrop of our scene’s hottest parties and most iconic locales. From the Esplanade to the Liberty Hotel, from the Boston Public Gardens to STAGE Nightclub, we talk about what you, the party people of Boston, should be getting into, giving you the “VIP perspective” on the see-and-be-seen events of the week ahead. Also, you’ll find the three of us dishing on some of the topics of the moment in regional & national pop culture. From the planning that goes into our show to deciding on what we’ll be wearing each week to the content of the show itself, so much planning and preparation goes into a single episode of the series.

To the viewer watching on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, it may look like three friends coolin’ for 20 minutes a week, talking directly with you and one another, having a blast doing so. If that is how it looks, awesome: that’s exactly what it is for us. Hosting the Boston VIPs Show is a labor of love for us; we truly enjoy connecting & building with our city’s finest, and sharing our experiences with all y’all, as well as discussing the upcoming events & hotspots of the moment we’re excited to tell you about. Lisa & Anna have become solid family to me; I call them my “sisters in grind.” This is in acknowledgment of how we push each other daily to be better than we were yesterday.


I have been fortunate to develop a rock-solid friendship with Anna & Lisa, and I do my part to support their own individual ventures whenever I can. In addition, they have come through for me as well on numerous occasions, from attending the debut edition of Monday Night GOLD at the WEMF Radio studios (a night which saw us get treated to an intimate in-studio performance from Louie Bello; be jelly, you guys) to The Jump Shot party held down by 320 Entertainment at Out of the Blue Art Gallery. Supporting our scene & supporting one another; that’s what we do. Your support is felt as well; you have made Boston VIPs one of Dirty Water’s most successful web shows. Big love to all of you for this!

As I write this, Lisa is currently enjoying some much-needed vacation time back home in Brasil. Anna & I have continued to present the Boston VIPs Show, working with super rad ladies doing so, including Dirty Water TV’s own Kait Flan. Lisa, Mr. Golden is speaking directly to you here: you are missed! We are super excited for your return, darling.

Ladies & fellas, to get the VIP perspective on what’s trending in the New England arts, nightlife & entertainment scene, there’s one place for all y’all to get it: that place is the Boston VIPs Show, hosted by Anna Foster, Lisa Batista & the indefinable Sterling Golden. See it every weekend on Thank all y’all for diggin’ it. We see ya!


Sterling Golden: Facebook /IAmSK3; Twitter @DJSterlinGolden; Instagram @DJSterlingGolden

Anna Foster: Facebook /AMavensWorld; Twitter @AMavensWorld; Instagram @AMavensWorld

Lisa Batista: Facebook /MissBrazilMA2014; Twitter @MissBrazilMass; Instagram @MissBrazilMass