Taco For Me, Taco For You: 5 of Boston’s Best

    Tacos are to kale, as bread is to butter – no matter how much they are classified as trendy or passe, they are here to stay. Boston’s growing spectrum of taco and Mexican street food spots have concepts and price ranges to suit any fancy, whether it’s authentic, gourmet, alternative, or Tex-Mex. Here are some of our favorites.

    Note: If you have a go-to joint that we didn’t mention, drop it in the comments section below.

    Grandma’s best
    Taqueria Jalisco
    291 Bennington St., East Boston
    (617) 567-6367
    It’s as if a mariachi band starts playing when you walk through the door. Taqueria Jalisco is a bona fide hole-in-the-wall with loyal customers who return again and again to feast on authentic western Mexican dishes from the restaurant’s namesake state. The five booths are almost always filled, but they also offer takeout.
    Plato especial: Tacos de carnitas or birria (on weekends), a rich braised beef in a red chili adobo sauce. Also, the three homemade hot sauces placed on the table are hard to beat.

    The Morrissey of Mexican
    Taco Party
    711 Broadway, Somerville
    (617) 764-0683
    Taco Party offers a great alternative to the meat-heavy Mexican spots around town. Chef Keith Schubert creates vegan taco options brimming with flavor and texture.
    Plato especial: Grilled tempeh with chimichurri and cashew crema or the sriracha barbecued jackfruit with smoked black eyed pea spread and cilantro cabbage slaw.

    Taco Party's grilled tempeh taco with chimichurri and their sriracha barbecued jackfruit option.
    Taco Party’s grilled tempeh taco with chimichurri and their sriracha barbecued jackfruit option.

    Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar
    412 West Broadway, South Boston
    (617) 917-LOCO
    This Southie hot spot offers the beachy atmosphere of a roadside fish shack or taco stand but without the sand, and with au courant flavor combinations. At first glance the ingredient groupings on this taco menu look to be disjointed but taste them – they work.
    Plato especial: Seared venison with cauliflower puree, grilled acorn squash, smoked corn and bacon.

    Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar
    Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar


    Lone Star Taco Bar
    479 Cambridge St., Allston,
    (617) 782-TACO, or
    635 Cambridge St., Cambridge
    (857) 285-6179
    The taco styles at this restaurant run the gamut from Texas cola and root beer braised meats, to Baja, California fish offerings, and slow-cooked carnitas or housemade chorizo from our neighbors to the south.
    Plato especial: Beef barbacoa with pickled red onion, avocado crema, and cotija, or the grilled avocado with griddled queso or braised tofu, and topped with salsa verde and corn relish.

    Grilled avocado and griddled queso taco from Lone Star Taco Bar.
    Grilled avocado and griddled queso taco from Lone Star Taco Bar.

    All covered with cheese
    Rudy’s Cafe & Tequila Bar
    248 Holland St., Somerville
    (617) 623-9201
    Sometimes you want straight up Tex-Mex, with cheese. If that’s what you’re craving, Rudy’s has you covered. Large portions of tasty braised and pulled meats are piled high into corn or flour tortillas and served with all the fix-ins.
    Plato especial: Rudy’s Taco Sampler includes a crisp corn tortilla with chicken, a crisp corn tortilla with beef, a soft flour tortilla with refried beans and cheese, and is served with Mexican rice and black beans.

    Kerry Stanton
    Kerry Stanton is a recipe writer, culinary instructor, and restaurant consultant. She writes for Dirty Water Media and the Boston Herald. “I will not settle for anything less than exceptional food at every meal. This doesn’t mean that I demand excessive extravagance or prized ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner - I just want well-cooked, properly seasoned food, presented beautifully. I think we all deserve this much.”




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