Terry Rozier is staying in Boston, gotta get that across right out of the gate.

The original reports of Rozier being unhappy in Boston simply aren’t true. The Celtics off-the-bench guard’s best option is to play out the season, then re-sign with the C’s in a ballpark $12 million, 1-2 year deal. With that, he can stay in Boston, hopefully win a couple championships, and then go sign elsewhere and earn his money.

If the Celtics were going to trade Rozier, the Phoenix Suns would be the frontrunners to trade for him, however, multiple other teams are interested. But it really doesn’t make any sense to trade him right now. The season is early, the Celts don’t look great but again it’s EARLY. Terry gives us amazing depth as a more-than-efficient scorer off the bench. Danny Ainge should AT LEAST wait until a couple weeks before the trade deadline to even think about it. Bottom line: Terry isn’t going anywhere so let’s drop this talk… for now.

In other news, many fans are freaking out about the C’s lately and I really don’t understand why. The team is 6-4 and they have played statistically the most challenging schedule in the NBA through 10 games. I really want to talk about that Denver game but there is just so many takeaways.

  1. Jamal Murray is a beast huh? I personally don’t think he’s the type of player to become anything too special, just because we’ve only seen him do it once, but hey, prove me wrong
  2. Kyrie Irving does not put up with bullshit and I love it. Chucking the ball in the stands was an Alpha move. Are you going to disrespect not only the Celtics but the game of basketball? Fine, but you lose your game ball. Good for you Kyrie.

3) The Celtics played well that game and still lost. Yes, I have looked at the stats and other that FG%, steals and blocks, they pretty much got beat up in every stat line but look at some of those Jamal Murray highlights and don’t you dare sit there and tell me that guy is going to do that every game. PLENTY of those shots were well-contested and frankly the guy just hit some ridiculous shots. Now, I’m not excusing their defense because they could have and should have been better down the stretch but don’t hit the panic button just yet.

If anyone has been paying attention to Charles Barkley, he said the Denver Nuggets are the second best team in the West. I laughed at this when I heard it for the first time but let’s take a look at some stats:

  • 9-2 record, good for 2nd in the West
  • 4th best defensively in terms of Opponents PPG
  • 6th in rebounding per game
  • 8th in assists per gameThose are some scary numbers and I didn’t even mention that they are 12th in PPG. Top 12 in 4 of those most prominent statistics is a big deal. Now I’m not gonna go around saying they are better than Houston (although what the heck is up with Houston? 4-5? Is the Melo disease real?). I’m not even going to say they are better than Utah although Utah has underperformed thus far at 5-6. Denver is here and they are FOR REAL. I know, I know, it’s still super early but look at Jokic! He is playing out of his mind, the 7-foot Serbian averaged 21.6 PPG in October and has struggled since but it really doesn’t matter because they are still winning games! Jamal Murray??

Not mention they have Isaiah Thomas, another unbelievable scorer (Not being a biased Celtics fan, he is a great scorer).

  • Some Final Thoughts 

Derrick Rose (hopefully) will be comeback player of the year. Good for that guy. Love to see hard work pay off.
Hot take of the week: Lakers will miss the playoffs
Room temp take of the week: Luka Doncic will not only win ROTY but will be a star in this league, it’s just a matter of time
Ice cold take of the week: Celtics need KD to break his leg or something (Kidding, I don’t want that to happen) for anyone to have a chance at winning the Finals this year other than Golden State.

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Matthew Gentile is a 19-year-old Marketing major at Providence College who been an avid Boston sports fan his entire life. Growing up in North Reading, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from Boston, Matt has been watching the Boston Celtics since the ‘07-’08 season. Matt fell in love with the Celtics and specifically Paul Pierce, one of his heroes. He watches just about every Boston Celtics game throughout the 82-game season and researches statistics and player information on the daily. He is also passionate about music, movies, writing and the New England Patriots. Matt enjoys playing basketball, old school video games and having a strong social life in his free time. Matt loves Boston as much as anyone.