Thank You Victoria’s Secret!

All the "Angels" on the runway at the close of the show!
All the “Angels” on the runway at the close of the show!

VSFashion Created a Beautiful Benchmark!

As a person that creates fashion centered events and productions throughout the year, I take great excitement in watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Not because there are gorgeous, 5’11 super models from all parts of the world, hitting the catwalk. Thats always good… but it’s really for displaying the behind the scenes, the side interviews, workouts and all elements that it takes to create a phenomenal fashion show!

In the age of instant gratification, it can be frustrating to work with models that think they should be on the cover of VOGUE or whatever, after only being in the industry for 6 months. “Tony, I have been working modeling for two years and I need to be in NY Fashion Week, get me there!” and I always have to spin back the question; “Did you work towards your modeling career EVERY SINGLE DAY of those two years?”

Unfortunately, 10/10 times the answer is no. You look at amazing talents like Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima; those women worked hard to get where they are and for some it took way more than two years to land their first major gig. So why should you get a shortcut?!

Fitness & Health

DailyMail did a report on her training for the VSFashionShow in 2012 shortly after giving birth to her child Sienna.
DailyMail did a report on her training for the VSFashionShow in 2012 shortly after giving birth to her child Sienna.

In speaking of shortcuts, lets talk about personal health & fitness real quick. I cannot list how many times I have had girls and guys come to castings with bloated guts, poor posture or just simply look sloppy. However, they “really want to be a model as a career”; all I can do is shake my head in frustration. So you aspire to be a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Model, but you don’t even make an attempt to eat healthy? Do you even at least put one hour a week in the gym compared to Adriana Lima’s two hours a day in the gym?!

Those VSFashionShow model’s put hours of work in the gym just to get ready for the casting and then even MORE work with the show trainer! I think all those women had figures that were realistic for what the modern woman should aim for! Embracing their natural shapes and just toning up the figure, they are not the absurdly skinny image that models have been known to look like all these years.

Let me be clear there is a market for all sizes and shapes in fashion, but if there is a limit of what the scene wants to see. So all the plus-sized models, print models, car models and etc; you should fall under the same scrutiny as well, you still need to take care of yourself too!

Boston Fashion Scene

Working in the Boston fashion scene, its immediately an uphill battle, because we are not known for fashion and the bar is set extremely low. I try my best to display a high quality product, but I am not quite at the level, where I have glistening catwalks, with sold-out venues of 2000 people and paying models 1000s of dollars to walk… not there… yet! Nevertheless, I do feel that we all owe to it ourselves to at least to set a standard so that we at least are not a laughing stock of fashion. Read the GQ article if you haven’t heard.

Boston has a lot of room to grow! There are tons of talented models that I think could give some of those NY models a run for their money and there are designers that are constantly bouncing back between Boston & NYC because of the beautiful garments! I look forward to this growth as I already see it start to come into fruition.

VSFashionShow + My Show + Your Show = Same Difference

I absolutely love proving to people that minus the TV production element of it, what they do in the VSFashion Show is no different than what anyone else does in a in “regular” show in NY, LA, Paris, Milan, London and Boston. There are people running around, yelling cues, models jumping in and out of outfits in just seconds, all just to make sure that the designer piece looks perfect for the 10-15 seconds its on the runway.

Lets talk about before they even get to the day of the show! They have a full website dedicated to displaying how they cast models, training, planning, communication with designers and so on! We as fashion producers that want to put out a proper show do the same thing, I personally like to start planning at the bare minimum 6-8months before the show date. Let me know if you’d like an article and how to plan for a fashion show?!

I know for the VSFashionShow they are planning OVER a year in advance and are already setting things in motion for next year. All that time just to produce a one hour show? It sounds almost insane, but look at the results. VSFashionShow was a trending topic on twitter for hours, they consumed people’s Facebook timelines in chatter and the brand recognition continued to skyrocket. Well done.

Behati Prinsloo during the #BritishInvation segment at the show. Photo from @VictoriasSecret Twitter page
Behati Prinsloo during the #BritishInvation segment at the show. Photo from @VictoriasSecret Twitter page

I salute you Victoria’s secret!

-Tony H

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