Once again “The Bachelorette” previews make the show seem more dramatic than it really is. There is no denying that the show without Chad is, well, a little bit slower than most of us would like and only a small number of us are watching this show for the romance rather than for the drama.

Let’s face the facts… It’s hard not to miss Chad. Chad is like your horrible ex that filled your life with so much drama… unnecessary, ruthless, terrible drama, but drama nonetheless. Everyone tells you how bad this guy is, you even know how bad he is, but you can’t help but miss him and the drama/entertainment he brought into your life. BUT… it is officially time to move on both from Chad and your ex so we can see what some real men have to offer.

T Swift singing to Chad and JoJo’s many ex boyfriends.

JoJo is down to her final six guys after “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever” as Chris Harrison would say. However, this rose ceremony actually did have a little twist: JoJo was down to her final rose, when she tells Harrison she can’t hand this one out… Harrison then saves the day by carrying in a silver platter with not just one rose, but TWO, one for Alex and one for James.

The preview of this dramatic rose ceremony made it seem like Jojo sends both Alex and James home… typical move for the producers of “The Bachelorette.”

Jojo did however, say goodbye to two guys last night. Wells and Derek were both sent packing, to many people’s disappointment. Wells was the only guy who had not yet kissed Jojo, before making his first move last night, but unfortunately it was too late. After Wells opened up about how his last relationship ended (he and his ex realized they were actually just best friends living under the same roof), Jojo decided to “friend-zone” this guy too.

That horrifying question: are we friends or more than friends?

Derek was sent home on a two-on-one date where JoJo ended up giving the rose to Chase. From day one, Derek seemed like he would be a real competitor, but his journey was cut short and I’m not really certain why. Personally, I felt like Derek was giving off some creepy vibes so maybe JoJo picked up on these as well. Chase on the other hand, flew under the radar for quite awhile, but it worked to his advantage last night.

JoJo now has Alex, Chase, James, Jordan, Luke, and Robby to choose from. If all goes according to plan, JoJo will send two guys home next week. The remaining four get to take JoJo on “hometown dates.” Hometowns are a huge deal in the world of “The Bachelorette,” but also in real life. If you bring someone home to meet your family … things are getting serious.

#TFW four guys want to propose to you.

The thought of hometowns is sure to fuel the tension between the guys even more, so I would advise Jojo to keep James and Jordan a safe distance apart from each other. James tried to be subtle while throwing Jordan under the bus to Jojo, but it’s reality television so nothing you do will ever be subtle. I am 100 percent team Jordan on this debate and I’m crossing my fingers that Jojo is too.

The drama continues when Jojo expresses her fears to Chris Harrison about possibly falling in love with two people… #Throwback to Ben. Maybe those two really were made for each other. But sadly, we will have to wait until next Monday night to see how exactly this drama will unfold.