The Boston Celtics Introspection


The Boston Celtics have the ultimate glory in sports history, and I think that the team today, and city of Boston have seemed to forget that epic claim to fame. When I watch a tribute video of the Celtics back when Larry Bird was in his prime, I feel like the game of basketball has changed so much..and not all for the better. The San Antonio Spurs have managed to preserve the essence of team basketball over the years like no other team if you ask me, and I like to think Brad Stevens is attempting to do the same. I believe the Celtics should keep the same players year after year, and grow as a team; Then the great fans of Boston will show their appreciation for the dedication and commitment that the players show towards a historic franchise such as the Boston Celtics. The old school Celtics put everything on the line each and every game. Every player had a vital role and no one ego ruined the team basketball philosphy they had executed so beautifully. The spirit of the legendary Boston Celtics still lives on today, but its up to the players and us fans to dig down and rejuvenate it.
As for this year, the Celtics do have a chance to win it all, but with out the support from the fans, miracles will never happen. I like the way that Brad Stevens has the Celtics share the ball, now I think the Celtics need to establish a go to scorer to give the ball to in critical moments of the game, a Paul Pierce like figure is what the Celtics are lacking in my opinion. I will watch all of the Celtics playoff games and I never lose faith that odds can be beaten, and records can, and will be broken. A great team can defeat any individual talent, every piece matters on a team, and if the C’s gel and play with great belief in one another, I think they can beat any opponent. The most important thing is, Boston needs our legendary Celtics franchise to return back to its passionate, and glorious roots.