While Tom Brady dances on the fence like he’s in a Deflategate presser when asked if he supports Donald Trump’s run for president, Clay Buchholz makes it crystal clear that he’s ALL IN on Trump.

“Absolutely!” was Clay’s reply when asked by the Globe’s Nick Cafardo if he supports Donald Trump’s candidacy.

“Every time we’re in New York, we walk over to Trump in 200 Tower and see him if he’s around,” Buchholz said of his and wife Lindsay’s trips to visit the family friend when in the Big Apple.

It was The Donald who introduced the lovely Lindsay to Buchholz — who’s way out over his skis and has out-kicked his coverage in this pairing with Clubine. The pair met when Trump appeared on the NBC show “Deal or No Deal” where Lindsay worked as Briefcase Model No. 26. The two met at a party between UFC fights in Los Angeles in 2008 and were married at Trump National Golf Club in LA a year later.

“There were a bunch of players there, and Donald walked me over and said, ‘Hey guys, this is Lindsay and she’s single.’ He literally threw me to the wolves,” Clubine said in 2009. “Clay and I hit it off and the friendship just grew.”

Trump for President!

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Mr. Clubine is clearly drinking The Donald Kool Aid down in Fort Myers.

“He says what a lot of people think and don’t say,” Buchholz said. “I like that part of him.” The Red Sox pitching staff has been right-leaning as a whole since right around the time Curt Schilling came to town.

“I always found him to be a good-hearted person,” Buchholz added. “He’s a lot of fun, but he’s obviously one of the smartest businessmen in the world, given what he’s been able to accomplish.”

No signal from Big Sky, Montana yet if TB12 is upset about being upstaged by the Red Sox righty.

Brady had a chance time and time again to endorse Trump’s candidacy since the “Make America Great Again” baseball cap was first spotted in his locker last Fall. But the Patriots superstar quarterback has been much more gun shy about stumping for Trump.

“Can I just stay out of this debate?” Brady said in December on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” show when asked about his golfing buddy. “Donald is a good friend of mine. I have known him for a long time. I support all my friends. That is what I have to say.”

Brady — who initially told the media at Gillette Stadium that it would be “great” if Trump won the election, later claimed he wasn’t actually endorsing the controversial candidate.

“I think that it’s just a different world than when I started in professional football. Even an offhanded comment like that… that people may run with,” Brady said on WEEI last September. “I mean it’s just people doing their job. I mean a comment like that, it’s — I try to have fun with certain things.”

“Whatever I vote is going to be my own personal choice based on how I feel. I don’t even know what the issues are. I haven’t paid attention to politics in a long time so it’s actually not something that I really even enjoy. It’s way off my radar,” Brady added.

The Donald sees things differently naturally, crediting his popularity in Massachusetts in large part to his ties to TB12.

“In Massachusetts, I’m at 48 percent,” Trump told The Washington Post in an interview last December. “You know why? Tom Brady said Trump’s the greatest. He says it to anyone who asks him.”