So the report is LeBron is considering four teams: the Rockets, 76ers, Lakers, and Cavs. The first thing I will address is the cases for Philly and LA. Philly is a very talented young team right now led by Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. This would be a nice landing spot for James as he could take them to new heights and be able to compete with the Celtics and Raptors in the East. It makes perfect sense, he would fit right into their starting lineup and make Philly a very desirable destination for other free agents.

Another option is LA. At first glance, this looks great. James goes to LA, already making them a threat in the West. I believe if LeBron decides to go play at the Staples Center, Paul George will follow, making the Lakers an automatic threat in the West. As a Celtics fan, I would live this, because hopefully, it would revamp a long time Celtics-Lakers rivalry. I mean imagine a Kyrie Irving vs LeBron James NBA finals? That would be something to watch. But on the other hand, would that Lakers team be strong enough to take down Houston or Golden State? No, sorry, but no. I don’t see Lebron leaving the East simply because of how dominant the two Western powerhouses are. James Harden and Chris Paul are a match made in heaven, while Golden State is still dominant as ever with their four All-Stars (I Hate You KD).

Now let’s talk about the Rockets. Dear LeBron, if you join the Rockets you will not only break the NBA, but you will an even bigger snake than Kevin Durant. The way I see it, Kevin Durant is title-less. That ring doesn’t count. He’s a natural born loser that can’t win unless he’s already on a team that only loses 9 games in a season. If LeBron were to join the Rockets, who, by the way, are better than the Warriors right now, he will have made his move to Miami look like Dellavedova going to the Bucks.

Now here is why I do not think LeBron will join the Rockets. First of all, he knows it will ruin his reputation. Second of all, look at his recent comments. The man said he believes he’s never played for a super-team and he is not a fan of the concept (That’s a lie). Even though this is an embarrassingly wrong statement, it is nice to see that he is not a fan of ruining the league again like he did in Miami. The next thing he said was that players who leave teams are not “loyal” and they are “snakes.”

This sounds hypocritical at first, but if you remember that he said he knows “first-hand” how moves like this make players snakes, then you’ll realize he puts a lot of the blame on himself for this era of superteams. Personally, I just cannot see LeBron saying something as controversial as this, and then starting another superteam in Houston. My last reason for LeBron not joining Houston is that he loves Cleveland. It is his home. He left them once and felt the wrath of his hometown city. We all saw the videos of the burning jerseys, and all the boos he received when he made his return to Cleveland in a Miami jersey. You really want that again LeBron? I think LeBron stays in Cleveland, brings in some free agents, and attempts to retain his legacy in his hometown.