The Look Du Jour

By Stylists Mills&Brown

With spring officially here, what better time than now to shed those winter hues and re-awaken yourself to this season’s bounty of color! In particular, yellow, our favorite color of the season, is one of the easiest to incorporate in your wardrobe and yet most unappreciated and dreaded to wear – we’re told one needs courage to wear it. How can the color of friendship and happiness cause so much fear and grief? Are we so unhappy that we can’t wear yellow?

Here we offer a few outfit suggestions to help overcome any doubts and hopefully inspire you to have the courage to wear yellow.

Fashion tip No. 1: Use as a pop of color in your accessories


Fashion tip No. 2: Neutralize with beige, creams and leopard-print (another neutral)

Leopard Pants

Fashion tip No. 3: Colorblock a la Mondrian

Red Skirt

Fashion tip No. 4: Incorporate in a nautical palette

Denim Vest

Fashion tip No. 5: Experiment with shades and intensity

Vneck yellowNeon. Mustard. Gold. | Instagram: @francescamillsstylist