Here’s 12 thoughts while waiting to see if the Red Sox can sweep the college doubleheader in Fort Myers.


Tom Brady and the Patriots agreed on a two year contract extension Monday. Brady is signed now until 2019 when he will be 42 years old. Count me as someone that says Brady will not be playing for the Patriots for the next four years.

Brady is still playing great football,  but age and the Jimmy Garoppolo factor will limit him to two more years as a Patriot. The move to extend Brady has helped the team’s salary cap and has given Touchdown Tommy some nice cash. But in 2017, the Patriots will be in the same position the Denver Broncos are in now with their quarterback situation. Brock Osweiler, Denver’s QB of the future, is a free agent as his rookie deal has ended. The Bronco’s want Peyton Manning to retire (coming this week?) so they can put all their eggs in Osweiler’s basket. After the 2017 season, Garoppolo’s rookie deal is over. If as I believe the Patriots feel Garoppolo is their quarterback of the future, New England will have to sign him to a big deal after the 2017 season. Then he will become the starter in 2018, not Brady.


Speaking of Brady, the NFL’s appeal on the Judge Richard Berman ruling will be heard on Thursday at the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York. This hearing has nothing — I repeat, nothing — to do with Brady or the Patriots guilt or innocence in the case of tampering with the footballs. This hearing is about whether Judge Berman’s decision to throw out Roger Goodell’s suspension of Brady was based on sound legal grounds. We have heard from a cadre of alleged legal experts on how the three appeal judges will rule. Forget what you have ready or listened to, no one knows how this panel will rule. A decision is not expected until late spring or early summer.


The Dave O’Brien era at NESN began on Monday. O’Brien is a fine broadcaster and one of the best play-by-play men in the business but I — along with a lot of New Englanders — will miss the great Don Orsillo. The move to dump Orsillo did not have to be made and was terribly bungled by Tom “I want to be relevant” Werner and the empty suits at NESN.


Count me as concerned about the knee injury to Eduardo Rodriguez. The Red Sox shut down their talented lefty for three days due to a subluxation of his right kneecap suffered in a fielding drill Saturday.

After David Price, the Red Sox are decidedly thin in their starting rotation and E-Rod was looked upon to have a big year in his first full season with the Red Sox. If he cannot perform up to expectations, the Red Sox could be in for some trouble this season.


Hey, let’s give Hanley Ramirez a break. There have been so many conflicting reports about Ramirez and his work ethic at first base. You have some of the writers talking about how hard he is trying while WEEI’s Lou Merloni and CSNNE’s Mike Giardi have openly questioned his commitment. Let’s watch some games and see how he plays before we jump down his throat. So far, he’s 2-for-2 and has fielded flawlessly at first… against Boston College.


I am an NBA guy and was fully enthralled at Saturday’s Golden State Warriors come-from-behind win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Steph Curry not only sealed the MVP Award but also convinced me he is the greatest pure shooter of all time.

I have been watching the NBA for over 40 years. I have seen Pete Maravich, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Allan Houston, and Ray Allen. You could make the case for any of these guys as the best of all time. But Curry — with his range and quick release — is simply the best.


The Boston Celtics are lucky to have Danny Ainge running their basketball operation. He won a championship with the Big 3 of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Allen but Ainge also built a great team around them. After one year in the lottery, the Celtics went back to the playoffs last season and are currently the third seed in the East thanks to Ainge’s bright and bold moves. Think of the two coaches he has hired: Doc Rivers and Brad Stevens. Not bad, huh? Jerry West is the gold standard for ex-players running teams. Ainge is not that far behind.


No matter what the Bruins do at the trade deadline, one things is crystal clear: They cannot compete with the best teams in the NHL. The B’s have no chance against teams like the Capitals, Lightning, Kings, and Ducks. So Don Sweeney should be looking at this deadline — and their offseason as chances — to build the next great Bruins team. I hope Sweeney and Cam Neely are looking more long term than a quick fix. They will not mention the “R” word [rebuild], but that’s the mode the Bruins are in.

  4 is reporting that Bruins anthem singer Rene Rancourt is thinking of retiring after 40 years behind the microphone.

Rancourt certainly doesn’t have the greatest pipes in the world, but he is a Boston tradition and his singing and fist pumps will be missed.


Mookie Betts three-run homer vs. Boston College
Mookie Betts three-run homer vs. Boston College

The Red Sox signed old friend and outfielder David Murphy to a minor league deal. Internally, the Sox braintrust is worried about how this outfield will perform this season. Mookie Betts is a star in the making in right field (3-run homer against BC on Monday). But Jackie Bradley Jr. has been a Punch-and-Judy hitter for all but one month of his major league career. The Cuban bust Rusney Castillo has had trouble staying on the field in his two years in the majors. And when Castillo does play, he has shown to be just mediocre. If Bradley and Castillo do not show improvement — and Betts struggles at all — this Red Sox team could be historically bad this season.


The NFL scouting combine has jumped the shark. It used to be kind of a cool event. But with the around-the-clock coverage, the combine has morphed into an over-hyped high school gym class.


Tuesday is presidential primary day here in Massachusetts. Our local newspaper printed the election ballot. Are these the best and brightest candidates we can come up with to lead our nation? I wouldn’t vote for any of these clowns — in either party — for dog catcher. You would think in a country of 318 million people, we could do better, but apparently not.

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