The Dirty Dozen: Brady, LeBron, and Kobe


A dozen items on the sports landscape to get off my chest…


Why all the hate towards LeBron. He is the best player in the world, plays hard, has a burning desire to win and as he showed everyone at The Garden on Tuesday he has a big heart. During the game he went over to meet 16 year old Aaron Miller who was born with severe brain damage. After the game King James gave the boy a pair of sneakers. Seems to me he is a great player and a great human being.


Baseball writers have sent in their Hall of Fame ballots. If I had a vote Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds would be on it. Bonds was the greatest hitter of his generation, Clemens the games best pitcher. In an age when you do not know who did or did not use PED’s it’s time to vote on a player’s accomplishment. I am of the mindset that 90 percent of the players of that era used PED’s. The Hall of Fame is a museum and should tell the story of the steroid era. Bonds and Clemens deserve to be there.


Which brings me to Pete Rose. He is a degenerative gambler and overall scumbag. But he belongs in the Hall of Fame. His 4,256 hits are the most in baseball history and his gambling on baseball happened after his playing days were over as manager of the Reds. Warts and all Pete Rose should be in the Hall.


The Kobe Bryant good bye tour pulls into The Garden on December 30th. I am already sick of Kobe. You can’t turn on the World Wide Leader without seeing a breathless report on Kobe’s greatness. I do not like Kobe the player or Kobe the person. I acknowledge his on court accomplishments as a great scorer but he was a selfish player. He always wanted to be like Mike but fell short. Glad to see him go out on a truly dreadful Laker team.


The NBA has to do something about the “Hack a Shaq” strategy. Brad Stevens and the Celtics used it against Andre Drummond and the Pistons on Wednesday in the 3rd quarter. It makes the game unwatchable and that’s not right for people who are paying hundreds of dollars for the pleasure of watching a game in person. Plus how many times does that strategy even work.


Count me as someone who doesn’t think the Patriots will miss LeGarrette Blount one bit. Having a healthy Julian Edelman and Gronk will more than make up for the loss of Blount. In a close game I want the ball in Tom Brady’s hands not Blounts.


This will not make the folks at The Heights happy but Matt Ryan is the most overpaid, overrated player in then NFL. The Falcons quarterback is in the midst of a 5 year 103.75 million dollar deal. That included a 28 million dollar signing bonus. For that the Falcons are getting the 24th ranked passer who is second in the league with 14 interceptions. The Falcons are 16-29 the past three seasons with Matty Ice. Maybe it’s time to put Matty on ice.


Both the Bruins and the Celtics are marginal playoff teams. So as the new year approaches will they be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. Look for the Celtics to be buyers, not so much for this year but looking to get players who can help them in the future. The Bruins look to be sellers as they try and get out from under the salary cap hell that Peter Chiarelli put them in.


Claude Julien does not get enough credit. In my mind he is the best coach in Bruins history. He has coached more game, has more wins than any other Bruins coach. There was very little expected of this years team but he has adjusted his system and has the team in playoff contention.


We are less than 2 months from spring training. Dave Dombrowski told his overweight and overpaid first and third baseman he wants them in better shape coming into camp. If they show up looking like rejects from The Biggest Loser I hope the team will call them out instead of making excuses for them like they usually do.


Ty Law should be in the Football Hall of Fame.The former Patriot has 53 career interceptions and 6 in the post season. He was a big game player who picked off 3 Peyton Manning passes in an AFC Championship game and had a pick six in the Super Bowl win over the Rams. A 5 time Pro Bowler and 2 time All Pro he should be an automatic selection when the voters meet the day before Super Bowl 50.


Why should Tom Brady, or any player for that matter, have to give their political views at a press conference. Some idiot assignment editor sends Dan Hausle down to ask Brady about Donald Trump and it becomes a big story. Tom Brady is paid to play quarterback for the New England Patriots, not to opine about politics. Brady did the right thing by exiting stage left.