“The Hot Shot”


evol pic In the life of bouncing around from bar to club to swag event I’m always having a round of shots tossed at me to heat up the night. The days of Jager pronounced Yaggah… are long gone. Of course the all so sophisticated shots of Kamikazes will always circle, the new shot to buckle your ankles is the all so daring Fireball that tastes like “Tiger Piss” and “Battery Acid”  making your breath spicy enough to melt a breathalyzer, get passed that and don’t worry you’ve had enough sugary shots to pound your head into the floor.

Well the answer to all that has made its way across the nation to New England. How bout a hot flavored shot the goes down smooth – has no sugar – is all natural – gluten free – and is in fact even stronger than Fireball! WHAT???? I’d say while banging out a fun filled day at Dave n Busters I found our answer to a headache free hotshot that holds the remedy to enjoy a few shots or even cocktails to prepare for beach body weather right around the corner.

Keep your eyes, taste buds and liver out for EVOL pronounced (evil) the smooth spicy spirit that not only is a banging shot but also compliments everything from an “evol coffee” to a Dr.Pepper or “Dr.Evol”.  EVOL is bottle full of 74 proof sucka punch to throat with only 3 carbs in the whole bottle. You wont have to look to far considering EVOL is being distributed through mega booze pusher United Liquors and will be sponsoring EDM events and other young creative outlets throughout this summer and fall. Next time the drunk impresser asks what the eight of you want for a shot go headache & double chin free by asking your bartender or mixologist  for something evol.  Be healthier, Drink EVOL!

Liquor made here in the USA what an American Dream.