The New England Patriots: Week 8 Prediction


Thirty-Three to nothing. And the New England Patriots continue their march towards infamy.

The best sports betting sites had the Patriots open as 10-point favorites. The line went down to 9.5 because the public thought that with Sam Darnold back, the Jets had a chance. Well, they didn’t. Right now it looks like no one does.

Quick MNF Recap

Tom Brady marched the Pats down the field on the first possession with the help of Julian Edelman and Sony Michel, the latter who punched in a TD to finish off the drive. So once again, the Patriots show that Tom and company can score at will. Then, it’s the Jets’ turn. Right off the bat, we see pressure on Darnold. And with a little over 5 minutes left in the first quarter, Devin McCourty snagged the 15th Patriots interception of the season. The Jets did a commendable job holding the Pats to a field goal on that turnover, but their woes were just beginning. On the next possession, Brady threw a perfect pass to the back-shoulder of Brandon Bolden on the sideline to keep the drive alive and push the ball downfield. But after a few miscues, Belichick goes for it on 4th and six on the 35 yard-line. They hit pay-dirt as Brady connects with Watson for the first-down … just barely. And right after, Brady drops a 30-yard pass right over the top of the defender’s helmet into the hands of Phillip Dorsett in the end zone. Suddenly it’s 17-0 in the first quarter and things are looking grim for the Jets.

The rest of the game went much like the first quarter. By halftime, the Pats we up 24-0. The defense put 2 points on the in the 3rd with a safety. When all was said and done, the Patriots had dominated 33-0. The Pats O-line allowed no sacks, and the Patriots defense came up with 4 INTs and a safety.

Can anyone beat this team?

Patriots vs. Browns

The Browns will certainly try. At the beginning of the season, they were the golden child of the AFC North, one of the favorites to win the division and the AFC. Now that we are half-way into the season, they are no longer golden … just brown. That said, they are not bad and this is still the best browns team we’ve seen in a decade. They put up 40 points on a tough Ravens defense before getting smashed, 31-3 by the 49ers and then narrowly beaten by the Seattle Seahawks. Can they deal with this Patriots defense?

The short answer is no.

The Browns are going to get crushed under the Giant’s boot that is this New England defense. The Pats are only allowing 6.85 points per game. Meanwhile, the Browns defense is allowing 25. There is a rather large disparity there. Not only on defense but on offense as well. The Pats are still putting op more than 31 points per game while the Browns only manage 20.

Baker Mayfield is a bit shiftier than Sam Darnold, but the results are going to be similar. He will be pressured, hit, and sacked and that swarming secondary will be in the right place at the right time to pick him off at least a couple of times. There will probably be a strip-sack or forced a fumble at some point that will either be returned for points or put the Pats in scoring position. The Patriots could lose a game this season. However, it’s most likely not going to be to the Browns in Foxboro, Mass.

The Pats will once again put up 30+ points and hold the other team to two touchdowns or less. So take New England to cover the point spread of and win. The line is all over the place, and if you hop on early you can grab the Pats at -10.5 at Bookmaker, even though everywhere else they are -13.

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