Can you issue a trade this late in the season? Can we pull a Canadiens-Maple Leafs and grab someone at half time of this game?

You can’t help but feel bad for all-time Patriot Vince Wilfork. Come Saturday night, my man Vince has to go into his old stomping ground, where he played the vast majority of his career, and watch his Texans lose by about a hundred to his best friend Tom Brady. There has to be a loop hole to get Vince back on the Patriots so he doesn’t have to suffer that embarrassment, and so he can grab his third ring before hanging em up.

There is no way the Patriots lose this game. I’m just going to come right out and say it. No way no how. I know I should take the Patriot way and say you must prepare for every team the same and there are no bad teams in this league, but the Houston Texans are a bad team. A very, bad team. They have one good player, J.J. Watt, who’s obviously hurt and not playing, but even still they are not a good team. Jadaveon Clowney is finally starting to play well and show he was worthy of throwing in the towel his junior year at South Carolina, but he’s CONSTANTLY hurt. He also goes completely invisible in cold weather, so Clowney will be a non factor.

And that’s it. After those two, the Texans have nobody. Brock Osweiler STINKS. He was the smartest man in the world taking all that money because he knew he was never going to be that good so he LOADED up on guarenteed cash while he could, because he knew he wasn’t going to get another contract like that. I wish I could say my man Vince would be a factor, but he’s just gotten too old. He’s still massive and can clog up the middle, but I’m taking Lagarrette Blount 10 outta 10 times in that match up.

Then you throw in the fact that the Pats not only had a week to prepare, but also an extra week for some R&R, it’s the nail in the coffin. The Texans coaching staff is essentially the Patriots farm team for coaches. O’Brien, Crennell, Vrabel, all former Patriots who learned everything they know from Bill. You don’t think Bill knows how to combat everything they throw his way? Get real. Pats by 27

Also, everyone who is getting nervous because of how confident we are about the Pats cake walk to the Super Bowl can take a hike. You think TB12, Bill, and the rest of the gang have this mindset? You think they don’t prepare every week like it’s the Super Bowl? CMON MAN! that’s the reason the Patriots have been so good for so long, they don’t fall into traps like so many other teams have.

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