Casting Call Brings Out Local Talent!

By S.J. Torres
This past Sunday, the Quahog Republic’s Captain’s Den in Plymouth was bustling with activity as it held

a casting call for The Running Waves, an independent movie to be filmed this September on Cape Cod. “Turn out for our local casting call uplifted our entire team. It was great to see so many talented actors

who were born and raised right here in New England!” Director Scott Lebeda said.

“I had read the book The Running Waves so I was ecstatic. I thought it was an amazing opportunity to get involved in such a relatable and powerful tale. The story strongly resonated with many of us who live on Cape Cod yet it has the ability to speak to anyone. It also captures the beautiful nuances of life that can only truly be found on the Cape.” Falmouth native Andrew Gates beamed before his reading.

Photos by Kevin Friel

Patty O’Neil (far right) who recently appeared alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Stronger stopped by to show support to the local filmmaker (Writers and Producers T.M. Murphy, Seton Murphy, and Director Scott Lebeda).

“To hear our words come to life from the mouths of actors and actresses had me very excited and nervous at the same time. Being Cape Cod bred, Ted (co-writer) and I don’t have a choice. We have to make a good movie. Finding great local talent is imperative to that process. Today was a great start. But lots of work still left to do. We’ll be sure to keep our Dirty Water friends updated.” Co-writer and Producer Seton Murphy said with a smile.