“And that belt just explodes.”

The internet turned into The Beltway today.

It happened when a buckle — with a death grip on a leather strap around Pablo Sandoval’s waist — buckled and gave way when Panda took a huge cut on a 1-0 knuckleball from R.A. Dickey during his first at-bat of the game. Sandoval tried in vain to put the buckle back together, but gave up and finished the strikeout sans the belt.

It was a sad ending for the belt that had been through so much this season: trying to keep Panda’s stomach buried during his initial days in camp, staying clamped after several big lunches in Fort Myers, and surviving the last few days of Pablo leaning forward while sitting on the bench. But the belt could take no more.

Such a waist.

Oh, snap.

But this story is now part of Red Sox lore. Instant classic. Move over Diva Legacy, we’ve got the legacy of the belt. No doubt there’s a “Pablo’s Belt” Twitter account ramping up now.

The most-shared Vine of the embattled big bellied benchwarmer’s belt break is on its way to three million views.

Poor Pablo finished his first start of the season by going 0-for-4 with three strikeouts, a walk, a throwing error in the field, and a wardrobe malfunction that will have us reading “The Oral History of Pablo Sandoval’s Busted Belt” to our grandchildren.

Panda’s coming off a first season in Boston that saw him hit .245/.292/.366 with 10 homers, 47 RBIs, and play the worst defense in the league.

This clearly has to be rock bottom for Sandoval, so let’s hope he can turn this thing around, drop a few pounds, pick up a few hits, and help the team any way he can before Dave Dombrowski finds him a new home.

Lost in this big story was the fact that the Red Sox offense pounced again and the Sons of John Farrell beat the Jays in the Rogers Centre, 8-4 to take a 2-0 lead in the three game series.