Chad: the guy we all love to hate. But, the real question is what was the interviewer thinking when he picked Chad to be one of Jo Jo’s twenty-six “eligible” bachelors?

Maybe it was his semi-good looks? His muscular – steroid induced – physique? Because we all know it wasn’t his charm that got him here.

Here are a few other possibilities for why Chad was chosen to be on the show:

His wisdom

or maybe his table manners!


OK, OK those are definitely not why they chose Chad. We have to face the facts: we love the drama and the producers on the Bachelorette know how much we love drama. This is why people like Chad must exist and go on shows like “The Bachelorette”. No one interviewed Chad for the show and thought “wow, Jo Jo will definitely end up with this one!” You can see Chad’s arrogance from a mile away, that steely look in his eye, but that’s what makes him so special.

Uh, oh, Chad's mad again.
Uh, oh, Chad’s mad again.

With a handful of handsome, funny, successful guys this season, you would think the social media world would have picked one of them to gush about on Twitter, but that is not the case. Guess who was trending last night? That’s right, the guy everyone “loves to hate,” Chad. We might hate all of the crazy, horrible, and inconsiderate things Chad says and does, but would the show be as exciting without them? Definitely not.

Monday’s episode really ended with a cliff-hanger (which we can’t help but love), all thanks to Chad. He said he was “going to cut everyone here’s legs off and arms off and there’s going to be torsos and [he’s] going to throw them in the pool…” So Chad kind of sounds like someone we shouldn’t be tweeting about, but we love the drama. And I mean, can you even get more dramatic than that?

Shockingly, Chad got sent home at the conclusion of last night’s episode on a very dramatic two-on-one date with Alex. Alex tells Jo Jo the truth about the person Chad really is when he isn’t in front of Jo Jo. I think what really pushes Jo Jo over the edge is when Alex tells her that Chad even threatened Jordan (the super good looking, former NFL quarterback & brother of Aaron Rogers who Jo Jo has recently taken a stronger liking to). Chad’s behavior may be entertaining, but it is in no way, shape, or form worth losing Jordan Rogers over. Jo Jo thankfully realizes this and gives the rose to Alex, meaning The Chad Show is over.  Or is it?

I personally think leaving Chad alone in the woods, similar to how they left Olivia on the island on Ben’s season, would have added a nice dramatic touch to the episode. I mean, Chad and Olivia are really a match made in Heaven or maybe Hell… I’ll let you decide that one.

So Chad is gone and unfortunately, that means the nice-looking security guard is too. But more importantly, it means most of the drama is gone as well. Every season of the Bachelorette needs its villain; it really does make for great TV. Without Chad, we will start to remember what the show is really about; Jo Jo finding love. Granted, this probably doesn’t sound as exciting as Chad threatening to cut off people’s limbs, but I’m already hooked! Chad has had his time in the spotlight; it’s time to give some other guys a chance… like Jordan.

But Chad may not be gone just yet.  When last night’s episode ended, Chad was headed back to the guy’s shack, whistling eerily along the way and was last seen peering through the windows at the unsuspecting dudes.  We’ll have to wait two more weeks before we find out what exactly happens there.  But if the past two back to back episodes reveal anything it’s probably just a lot more Chad hype.

Then we can all expect “The Bachelorette” to simply show us a whole other, Chad-less side of the show in upcoming episodes, obviously still with a lot of drama, just with less violent threats towards the guys in the house. But if you haven’t said your goodbyes to Chad yet, tune in Monday the 20th… it looks like Chad might just make one last appearance.