1. The Patriots have caught the injury bug and I’m not gonna lie, it makes me a little but weary.

Do you job… next man up… It’s the reason the Patriots have remained so good for so long. But there is one element of the game that you can’t control and that is injuries.

And when the hose runs dry, you need your starters. The Patriots have made numerous stars out of no-name players for years, but your best team is made up of your best players.

First it was Rob Gronkowski, who is confirmed out for the season. Last week, it was Danny Amendola.

And when are they going to cut Cyrus Jones? He STINKS! The dude can’t hold on to the ball to save his life, which made Belichick put Amendola back there to shag punts and injure his ankle. Cyrus has to go.

The Patriots also have Julian Edelman — who clearly isn’t 100 percent p– and Matt Slater sitting out games as well. At some point, the injuries may become too extreme to overcome, like last year, and it’s going tot put ring  No. 5 in jeopardy.

2. The Miami Dolphins will not make the playoffs.

Heading into Week 13, Miami was one of the hottest teams in the league, rattling off six straight W’s to launch themselves into the playoff picture. And it was fun while it lasted, the Fins ran into an always dangerous Baltimore Ravens team last weekend and got walloped 38-6. Yes, Miami had been rolling for the last month and a half, but they were doing it all with smoke and mirrors. The only good win in their last six weeks was against a banged up Steelers team. Other than that, they beat the Bills, Rams, Jets, Chargers, and 49ers, none of whom are playoff teams. With the Pats running away with the AFC East once again, this will leave the Dolphins on the outside looking in.

3. What in the world happened the the San Francisco 49ers?

Can you say Fall From Grace? What the heck happened?!?! It was only a short four years ago that the Niners were in the Super Bowl and playing in back-to-back NFC Championship games. They’re now 1-11 on the season and got smoked by the LOWLY Chicago Bears. Chip Kelly is all but gone already and Colin Kaepernick has proven to be one of the biggest quarterback busts since Ryan Leaf. Not to brag, but I was on record saying he was gonna be a terrible QB in the long run. As soon as anyone got any game tape of him, he had no shot in the league.

I’m thinking Jim Harbaugh put a little spell on the Niners when he was shown the door, which looking back was a terrible decision by the San Francisco tfront office. He’s only turned Michigan from a laughing stock into a Top 5 team in two years. Kelly has also proven to be the latest case of Nick Saban: a great college coach who just can’t hack it in the big leagues. See ya in Houston, Chip!

P.S. that Rams team is a joke of an NFL franchise. They are HORRIBLE! Jared Goff didn’t play that badly but his receivers couldn’t even catch a cold!