Tom Brady Loses His Cool, Gives New York Cabbie the Finger

Tom Brady gives New York cabbie the finger. (THEIMAGEDIRECT.COM)

Tom Brady has plenty of reasons to hate New York these days.

The Patriots quarterback’s legal team just got spanked by a three-judge panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals who are hearing the NFL’s appeal of Judge Richard Berman’s decision to squash Brady’s four-game suspension handed down by league commissioner Roger Goodell for TB12’s involvement in the so-called scheme to deflate footballs in Foxborough.

And Jets and Giants fans have never been kind to Tommy Boy.

Brady was photographed flipping the bird — a big-time solid one-finger salute — to an alleged fast-driving cab driver who honked at the G.O.A.T. while he was crossing a Manhattan street near 22nd and Broadway with Gisele and his children in tow after the Brady Bunch finished dining at ABC Kitchen according to reports.

The middle finger move will no doubt endear Brady even more to his rabid fan base in New England.

But we thought last season was Brady’s Middle Finger Tour, anyway.