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Week 1 Upsets

It was a: some teams came out firing while others struggled mightily. The biggest upset of the week was likely the Rams victory against the Seahawks.The Rams are a tough football team and they showed some real guts that I might not have thought they had. In addition, Pete Carroll managed to show yet another mental breakdown with the onside kick attempt in overtime. He didn’t quite prove his naysayers wrong by making that risky call. The Colts also went and lost to Buffalo. This was not nearly as much as a surprise due to the fact that the Bills are actually a damn good football team in 2015. They have one of the best defensive fronts in all of football. For the first time in what seems like forever, the AFC East might be the strongest division in the conference. The Falcons also had a minor upset in beating the Eagles. The Falcons have been an underachieving team for the past few years with the talent they have on the offensive side of the ball. Julio Jones and Roddy White are both dangerous threats and Matt Ryan is a very solid quarterback. The Eagles looked great in the second half but it wasn’t enough to ultimately beat the Falcons in the end. The Eagles and their team should not panic and showed some flashes of brilliance in week one. The Broncos are a team that might have reason to be concerned. Peyton Manning was quoted in the preseason saying that he still doesn’t have feeling in his finger tips. His arm strength has declined rapidly over the past several seasons and his age is starting to show. He isn’t delivering the ball well downfield and if that weakness continues to show tonight versus the Chiefs it might be an aggravating season for the Broncos. They barely squeaked by a weaker Baltimore team this past week.

Thursday September 17th

Chiefs > Broncos 8:25pm

The Broncos roll into Arrowhead after defeating the Broncos in a close game week 1. The Chiefs atmosphere at home is unreal and it will be a hostile environment for Manning and company to come in and land a victory. The Chiefs shine at home and defeat Manning in week 2.

Sunday September 20

Panthers > Texans 1:00pm

The Texans are coming off an unimpressive showing in their home opener against the Chiefs. They only lost by 7 in the end of the game but their offense looked out of sync much of the game. Their offense was so out of sync that they have decided to change starting quarterbacks in week 2. Ryan Mallet will be outplayed by Cam Newton and the Panthers in Carolina.

Steelers > San Francisco 1:00pm

While San Francisco surprised many people by beating the Vikings, Minnesota played quite poorly throughout the game and only scored 3 points. The 49ers play a real team this week and Pittsburgh looked strong against the Patriots even without Bell and Bryant. The Steelers should only get better as the season wears on and should take care of business against the weaker 49ers; especially at home.

Saints > Buccaneers 1:00pm

Drew Brees and the Saints aren’t a powerhouse football team by any means but they tend to play very well at home historically. With Tampa Bay struggling as much as they did against one of the weakest teams in the league, the Saints should beat the Bucs at home.

Vikings > Lions 1:00pm

The Vikings have some skill on their roster and the dangerous Adrian Peterson back in action. While the Bridgewater led offense didn’t look strong in week one I expect them to come together and beat the Lions at home.

Cardinals > Bears 1:00pm

The Cardinals are coming off a strong victory against the Raiders and are one of the top teams in the NFC. While the Ellington injury certainly hurts their running game, they should have the weapons to top the Jay Cutler led Bears at Soldier Field.

Patriots > Buffalo 1:00pm

When is the last time that the Patriots and Bills met and it was considered one of the best matchups of the week? The Bills will come out flying in their home field led by Rex Ryan. Ryan has historically given the Patriots hell with the defensive blitzes and schemes he brings to his team. The Patriots should have the offensive weapons and game plan to outscore the Tyrod Taylor led Buffalo offense.

Bengals > Chargers 1:00pm

Cincinnati and San Diego are both decent teams with offensive weapons. Philip Rivers will give the Bengals a good fight but I believe the Bengals have the upper hand at home against the Chargers.

Titans > Browns 1:00pm

The Titans came out absolutely flying week one against Tampa Bay. They scored quick and often while Mariota looked like a seasoned vet. The Browns are a mess in more than one area and don’t have an answer to match the scoring that Mariota showed he could put up against a comparable Tampa Bay team in his first game.

Falcons > Giants 1:00pm

The Falcons surprised many week one by beating the highly regarded Eagles. They slipped toward the end of the game and almost lost to the Eagles in the second half but they finished and got the win. The Giants did the complete opposite and choked as the clock ran down versus the Cowboys. The Falcons go into Metlife stadium and go 2-0 to start 2015.

Rams > Redskins 1:00pm

The Rams looked like an improved football team week one. Foles got the job done and they beat one of the best football teams in all of the NFL. The Redskins are coming off a decent game where they almost overachieved and beat the Dolphins. The Rams should take care of business in Landover, MD.

Dolphins > Jaguars 4:05pm

The Dolphins and Jaguars matchup looks like trouble for Jacksonville and the Fins shouldn’t have a problem beating them in week 2. This might be one of the easiest picks of the week and I would be shocked if the Jaguars stay close with the Philbin led fins.

Ravens > Oakland 4:05pm

Another mismatch on paper between the Ravens and Oakland. The Raiders are coming off a lopsided loss in week one and don’t show promise to beat a stronger Ravens team in week 2. The Ravens should go into Oakland and improve to 1-1.

Eagles > Cowboys 4:25pm

This NFC East matchup will ultimately have NFC East implications later in the season. These two teams are both slated as the favorites to win their division. The Eagles looked strong in the second half of their week one loss and should beat the Cowboys at home without their top WR Dez Bryant.

Packers > Seahawks 8:30pm

Before the start of the season this looked like it might be a matchup of two teams both battling to remain unbeaten. The Rams upset the Seahawks week one and now have to travel to Lambeau Field in order to beat the Aaron Rodgers led Packers. The Seahawks falter and fall to 0-2 on the season in week 2.

Monday September 21
Colts > Jets 8:30PM

The Colts were largely manhandled by the physical, strong Buffalo defense in week one. It was a surprise to many but the Bills are a strong football team. However, the Jets are not strong and Fitzpatrick does not have the weapons to travel to Indy and outscore the high powered Colts offense.