ToughTalk Episode 2 Recap


ToughTalk Episode 2 Recap

Dirty Water News brings you ToughTalk w/ John & Jon… Hosted by UFC’s John “Doomsday” Howard and The Legend Jon “Tha” Sneider… Brining you topics from inside MMA & The UFC to Boston Underground Culture and EVERYTHING in between… Reality TV Stars, Tattoo Artists, Business Owners BIG & SMALL… If it’s a trending topic out there and you have been reading about it you can bet we will have our own opinions on it so tune on in…
This week being the 2nd episode we featured 2 guests, Mook Williams & our very own Patrick Murray… The show kicked off with Lawyer/Sports Agent Mook Williams of discussing his NFL Agency and how he is trying to cross over into the #UFC… Mook brought up very great points from having management love you half the time and hate you half the time if you are doing the job right… Also spoke on the misrepresentation of a lot of fighters when it comes down to the toll it takes on the body and the money that SHOULD be coming in but currently isn’t. Coming from a lawyers background it only propels his abilities in the contractual agreements negotiations… His company Symmetry is to provide their clients with the highest level of individualized service in the industry, enhancing their likelihood of success both on and off the field of play. This is accomplished by combining the diverse talents and years of experience in athlete representation. Symmetry is unrelenting in their pursuit to meet every one of their clients’ needs, and are honored to work on behalf of such extraordinary individuals…

They segmented into #UFC177 and how former champion Renan Barão was expected to headline this show… However, the day of the weigh ins, Barão had to be admitted to the hospital as a result of his attempts to cut weight… As Dooms put it “The Former UFC Champ couldn’t make weight?!?!!?” The 3 things fighters HAVE to do is TRAIN, MAKE WEIGHT, & FIGHT… TJ Dillashaw, whom was supposed to be his opponent and subsequently faced UFC newcomer Joe Soto in the main event… Due to the several last minute cancellations, the event took place with only eight bouts on the card, making it the smallest UFC PPV event, since UFC 72 in 2007… They went on to talk on the WWE and the payouts for WWE Wrestlers “Fake Fighting”, training differences, etc… Brock Lesnars crossover from UFC (Brock draws in some of the BIGGEST UFC PPV Ratings) to WWE and how his abilities of fighting, appeal to the crowd, and his all around attitude is what draws in those numbers… It was a great interview with Mook and we are sure we will be seeing a lot more of Mook and his company Symmetry Reps in the very near future…
The next segment was with Patrick Murray, Co Owner of #MSSM aka MurraySolowaySecurityManagement which is a 1 Stop Shop for Nightlife Needs focusing in on the Security and Marketing/Advertising Aspects of it… The segment started off with a singing of Happy Birthday & Jon taking a call from Mike Cip of Split2nd Entertainment (Who designed the new intro and outro to ToughTallk) We then delved right into the aspects of Patrick’s security company, types of events, personalized security, etc… Dooms went in to the fact of some of Pats weightlifting achievements on an 8 Plate Per Side Shoulder Press deeming Patrick “Doomsday Certified”…
They went on to segway into the fact Pat does the Blog for ToughTalk and the EDM Project he is currently working on… It’s a “Dark and Gritty Look into the EDM Scene” says Patrick and what they are actually trying to do is use the EDM Scene and Molly Issue as a catalyst to show the negative effects of drugs on both the person abusing them and the families that are left behind… By utilizing the EDM Scene which is a WORLD WIDE moment we can get more and more people hopefully opening their eyes and hopefully save a few lives… After the projects discussion John & Jon went on to bring the DirtyWaterNews intern Jared Holmes on air very quickly to introduce Boston’s Single Ladies to the man himself… We went on to speak of 1 of our LONG TIME sponsors Smokey Bones Stoughton who runs All You Can Eat Wings on Mondays, PubPong Tournaments on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays CornHole Tournament…
Next Jon asked Pat about a popular HashTag he’s been using #MumzThaWord that Patrick simply described as tasty treats that are pain killer alternatives… Still not sure what he’s talking about but he definitely looked PAIN FREE on the show… Then we went on to talk about a Pool Party we had just came from at the 1330 Boylston Rooftop Party that Doomsday was the ONLY person who showed up in shorts haha… It was a really fun time and they know how to throw a party…
#ThisBitchOfTheWeek Segment was dedicated to Floyd Mayweather and his current beef via social media with 50 Cent and how Mayweathers 1 comeback was Box me for 12 Million after 50 challenged him to reading a single page out of a Harry Potter Book and he would donate 750K to the charity of his choice… Floyd challenging 50 to a boxing match is like 50 challenging him to a rap battle… This went on to how we think some of the TOP Female MMA fighters could probably and most likely win in a fight overall… Mayweather previously said he had no respect for UFC fighters so when Dana White challenged him he changed his tune and said he respects etc… Floyd got money for days but when he puts his foot in his mouth (Seems to happen a lot) he backtracks like NO OTHER…
We went on to talk with Patrick about a hobby of his which is (acting/writing) and some extra work he has done… Patrick says his ultimate goal with all that work he’s putting into that he gets a look behind the scenes that’s helpful with current projects such as the EDM Project and his aspiration to get on Big Brother, #PatForBB17 and the funny fact that we have 2 Pats & 2 Johns… John Doomsday Howard and Pat Walsh are the Fighters where Jon Sneider and Patrick Murray are the 2 promoters… This went on to segway into the #BeastCoast2014 which is a MMA Tour that will be running in October Starting in CT and going all the way to Miami stopping at each state in between… We will be picking 20 Gyms to participate and receive a Great Swag Bag and 3 Hour Training seminar w/ both Dooms and Pat Walsh…
Closing out the show we joked on issues from females posting pics on IG, Twitter, and FB 1/2 naked and then asking why they are single… How they post these pictures and go to the beach in a bikini but get shy when you see them in their underwear… Going into PED’s for athletes vs Photoshop for Models… Finally We closed out the show discussing about a post from FB of 2 guys fighting in a train station that had several people filming it but NOT 1 person tried to stop it… Kind of touched on how the press coverage would be totally different had it been a black and white guy and that it needs to stop being a RACISM thing and make it out to be what it is… A VIOLENCE thing…


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