Talk is cheap

Patriots-Broncos trash talk won't affect game action


The War of words has begun.

Broncos’ cornerback Chris Harris tipped his hand Tuesday on how best to tackle nearly unstoppable Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. “You gotta hit him low, man — hit him in his knees,” Harris said on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “That’s the best chance you have of hitting him. You gotta take his legs out or hold on and wait for everybody, wait for the gang to come on and gang tackle him.”

Gronk, who successfully rehabbed from a torn ACL and MCL in 2013 and suffered a knee injury in the last meeting in Denver, couldn’t let the comment pass and responded with an quasi-X-rated tweet.

Gronk’s tweet is sure to make Bill Belichick happy.

Broncos’ lineman Antonio Smith joined the trash talk gang earlier in the week when he took a shot at Tom Brady.

“I’ve never seen any quarterback look to the referee right after he gets sacked more than [Tom] Brady,” Broncos defensive lineman Antonio Smith told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “Every time he gets sacked he looks at the ref like, ‘You see him sack me? Was that supposed to happen? He did it a little hard. Please throw a 15-yard penalty on him. Get him fined.’ ”

(New York Post)
(New York Post)

Asked if he was calling Brady a whiner or a crybaby, Smith said, “That would be an accurate statement.”

So what does this all mean? Absolutely nothing.

The media and the fans make a huge deal out of these statements. It’s bulletin board material, right? Wrong.

If you need comments and slights to fuel your fire for the AFC Championship game then there is something wrong with you. Do you think that once the ball is kicked off on Sunday that one player will be thinking of any of this trash talk? I doubt it.

The team that wins this game on Sunday will the team that plays the best football, not the team with the biggest mouth.