Trash or Trend – Fashion Spew


HEROINE UNE AME D’ENFANT NEW SERIESFashion is the way you express yourself which is why I’ve always had a strong passion for it. I went to school for fashion merchandising at Fisher College here in the Beantown. People say that there’s not enough going on in Boston for fashion, “you should be in NY or LA”, but I believe there’s hope for my home town. Have faith people because I’m not giving up; there are lots of events involving fashion in the “Dirty Water” city & interesting places to shop! I am currently working at La Petite Boutique in my home town of Winthrop, MA. The shop carries unique local designers, consignment pieces, and some vintage pieces. The vintage stock ranges but usually includes Chanel, Prada, Gucci, authentic Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. If you’re an experienced shopper you know that boutiques have one of kind pieces that come&go fast so get down here for that special piece for yourself or gift for the holidays! The owner, Sarah Roth-Oosten, is a personable and successful fashionista to work with. She also operates a full service production company which offers its clients fashion show production, photo shoot production, fashion event production, etc. You can check out her website &Facebook page Sarah is always posting new items in the shop and interesting events/trends in the fashion world. My personal ‘fave’ designer the boutique carries is a local designer with the brand name of Candice Wu Couture. Check out her website or come down to La Petite Boutique in Winthrop to find some exclusive pieces by Candice Wu and many other designers. The collection carries a range of high quality pieces from couture evening wear, to in-vogue outerwear. Us “Dirty water” girls love our outerwear for those cold seasons; stay warm with a fashionable jacket. In upcoming blogs I plan to talk about the history of different brands that were born here in Boston; along with the different trends we’ve seen in our city throughout the years. Get on the bandwagon people! Fashion is alive in us Bostonians, and I’m here to deliver what’s “Trashy or Trendy”