Uber the most hated company in the country?


The Weekend Uber Tried To Rip Everyone Off !!!

uberFor several hours on Saturday, Uber was maybe the most hated company in America. Some of the year’s most atrocious weather dumped across the Northeast, and the transit company of the future hit customers with the worst price gouging we’ve ever seen—it would cost over a hundred bucks just to drive down the block. Get used to it.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is an adamant defender of his company’s gouging practices, suggesting they’re not going to change anytime soon. By jacking up the price of a standard UberX ride by a factor of seven or eight, Kalanick says he’s incentivizing drivers to work during horrendous winter hell-storms, popular Saturday nights, or any other time when people really want to use Uber. More cars, more rides, everyone’s happy.

Yes, but the opposite: people were disgusted by the exorbitant 8x pricing, and no one beyond those for whom money is no object could afford to use the service at all. Uber self-nullified in a display of greed. What’s the point of increasing supply to meet demand if the supply is unusable? What’s stopping Uber for going up to 10x pricing, or beyond? Kalanick’s is a bullshit premise that lets Uber make bundles more whenever it wants, to the detriment of anyone who can’t spend hundreds of dollars to go home. This is a shame not just because no one likes paying more money for a thing, but because it jeopardizes Uber’s chance to become a really terrific urban utility.

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Article by Sam Biddle  – ValleyWag