unWINEd On the Roof Top: A Night of Merriment & Good Times Under the Stars


Photos courtesy Robert Parris, MonsterJazz Photography/320 Entertainment.


Facts only, ladies & fellas: this summer was solid from start to finish. Many of the dope party situations that unfolded out here in the 617 this season, have been documented in these very pages, and chances are, you were there to live every moment (moments you may or may not remember, depending how turnt the day or night in question was). Leave it to David Roberts & Susan Biddle of Exquisite Event Services to send it out in proper style. This past Thursday night, Exquisite presented the inaugural unWINEd On the Roof Top event atop the Sheraton Boston Hotel, an evening of wine tasting, the finest foods and lively entertainment that attracted Boston’s most fabulous under the stars of the 617.


You know at an event of this magnitude, the vibe in the air is promised to be fabulous. This was evident even from the outset. Curated by Exquistie Event Service and Sound City Entertainment in partnership with Royal Wine Corp. and Sheraton International, unWINEd On the Roof Top‘s maiden voyage brought with it a level of anticipation that brought a sense of excitement to the proceedings. Where else but this event would you find a gathering of the very best wines from around the globe, ambitious new food creations and the ultimate industry networking opportunity? I, myself, even after all these years, am never one to turn down a chance to connect with potential new business partners and exchange business cards, all while enjoying optimum wine & spirits in an intimate setting under the city lights. Yup, I still mark out for such things, Never gets old to your boy Mr. Golden.

The vision and unmatched enthusiasm of Exquisite Events’ David Roberts helped to bring this event to life in a manner few others could have achieved. Sure, the 617 has more than its share of wine tasting events similar to this one: yet, there was a type of ambience felt at unWINEd on the Roof Top, a type of feel, that made this one far different from the rest out there. Kind of tough to pinpoint just one aspect of the night that made it feel this way, but hell, it’s fun to try (and it’s Labor Day weekend as I write this, so yup, there’s time).


Perhaps it was the plethora of award-winning wines derived from such parts of the world as California, Italy, and the Mediterranean. Featuring some of the world’s most prestigious brands available for sampling, patrons were able to get a taste of spirits spanning the globe, and get an education in some of the very best wines available in today’s marketplace. Shout out to Daniel Sigel for helping to be my tour guide during the evening, schooling me on each available sample with minute detail. For the Boston wine enthusiast, this selection was your joint. The impressive selections (seen in the photo above) ranged from tastes that were subtly complex to full bodied, quenching the thirst of the curious who were eager to sip on each one available.

Plus, each available wine paired well with the delicious array of hors d’oeuvres derived from the Sheraton’s new, custom appetizer menu, which proved to be a tasty victory for us all. In particular, the pastry selections were on another level: a no-flour chocolate cake creation was, a chocolate connoisseur’s one and only true love. Next time you find yourself at the Sheraton Boston and you are feeling in the mood for a cheat meal that Ashley Madison could never imagine, hit up the Sheraton’s new appetizer menu. You’re welcome.


In addition, unWINEd On the Rooftop also presented a solid unplugged performance by the talented Fil Ramil, who performed original material and covers that set the tone for the evening. Fil’s lush vocals and expertise on the acoustic guitar lit up the night, putting this hidden gem on full display for those in attendance.

Joining Fil on the evening’s soundtrack would be Sound City’s own DJ Bill DiOrio on the 1s & 2s, spinning a vast selection of pop hits ranging from the 1960’s to the present day. Salute to Bill for not only being a fellow bald handsome SOB, but also for dropping what is, in the not so humble opinion of Mr. Golden, the greatest song of all time: “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”. The Hottest Band In the World – KISS – turning out an epic club banger? So much YES in that. Salute, Bill.

Those who turned up at the Sheraton for the event came away with smiles far wider than the ones they walked in with, with everyone asking the same question on their way out: “So when’s the next one?” A sure sign your first event was a successful one. unWINEd On the Roof Top is poised to become one of the most important industry events on the 617 nightlife calendar. Best you keep an eye out for more info on when “the next one” is happening, and what to expect from this A-list take on the wine-tasting experience. Take it from Mr. Golden himself: the buzz for this exciting new event is about to get louder.