Valentine’s Day: Is It for Couples… or Singles?

    Valentine’s day – A day for couples…or for singles?

    Single men and women and even those in relationships love to rag on the cliché ridden holiday. However, according to a study done at NerdWallet “millennials in relationships (ages 18-34) will spend an average of $290 on Valentine’s Day activities”. That’s a pretty penny for a holiday that many people “claim to hate”.

    We put that information to the test and asked local restaurant Wicked Fire Kissed Pizza if they see an increase in whats spent on valentines day versus other nights. The general manager Zach said he sees “roughly a 15- 20% increase on what is spent per person” compared to any other night out. Proving that people are willing to break the bank on Valentines day, so maybe February 14th isn’t as cliche as we all thought?

    We went ahead and asked more local restaurants how busy they were for valentines day to find out if the hype is really there.

    “I think it really depends on where Valentines Day falls- This year it’s on Sunday and we are busy all weekend not just on the day” Gullinda, the Assistant General Manager at Max Brenners shared with us.

    Max Brenners is so packed on Valentines Day this year that reservations were already filled up until 9:30 on Wednesday afternoon, and these reservations are mainly filled up by couples in the 20-30 year old range.

    Giacomo’s in The North End found the same trends. Although they don’t take reservations, they see an overwhelming amount of couples on Valentines Day coming in and out, mostly between the 25 to 40 year old range.

    But is valentines day only for couples? We did our own survey and found that singles do go out to celebrate. In fact 55% said they are likely to go out this Valentines day with other single friends. Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.09.44 PM
    “Valentine’s Day at The Greatest Bar is always full of single men and women! We throw a Lock and Key party every year where men get actual keys and the ladies get locks. They need find their match before the night ends. The first three couples who find their match receive gift cards and a cash prize! Doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend your Valentine’s Day weekend to me. I may have to attend as an actual guest this year,” said Kayla Harrity, Event Director, The Greatest Bar.

    The statistic showing 55% versus 45% makes perfect sense for Valentines day revelers, especially if you’re single. It’s almost guaranteed that every male or female at the bar/restaurant will be single. For men, its the one day a year where the girl can’t use the “I have a boyfriend” excuse when you try to talk to them. It’s the single day of the year which statistically increases the odds of you finding your loved one!

    In addition, plenty of restaurants in Boston are welcoming singles for “anti-valentines day parties”. Bukowski Tavern in Boston will have the theme, “Love Is a Dog from Hell” with hot dog specials all day.

    Area Four located in Cambridge will also be hosting an anti-valentines day event, “Haters Valentines Day” featuring pizza with their signature “angry sauce”, plus a voo-doo style gingerbread cookie station. Encouraging singles, or even couples, who hate valentines day to join them!

    All in all, valentines day seems to be a holiday for everyone despite popular belief. So grab your roommates, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or maybe even your mom and celebrate cupids holiday with someone you love.

    S.J. Torres
    S.J. Torres launched Dirty Water News in 2011. In writing and editing for Dirty Water Media, S.J. combines his innovative style and energy with years of nightlife experience. He has been an instrumental influence in the Boston nightlife scene since managing Daisy Buchanan at the start of his career and ultimately becoming an owner of Howl at the Moon and Down Ultra Lounge.




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