Money talks. Even if Papi can’t walk.

It’s all fun and games and laughs and joking about a retirement renege until David Ortiz goes out of his way to introduce a dollar amount to Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan:

“’Hopefully,’ [Ortiz] said, ‘nobody comes to me and offers $25 million, either.’

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

“‘I don’t even want to talk about it,’ Ortiz said. ‘Like I said, I’m good with the decision that I made right now. But would you leave $25 million on the table? I don’t want nobody to offer me that.’

“There’s the price, Red Sox, and even at that, Ortiz probably would turn it down.”

There it is. If the Red Sox — or anyone else apparently — offers him $25 million, Ortiz will consider a 2017 return. Oh, but he’s just kidding, KIDDING, so nevermind. Nothing to see here (cough).

Over at Sports on Earth, Will Leitch is firmly in the “just let him go out on top for the sake of his legacy” camp:

Ortiz’s retirement announcement was an invitation for us to appreciate him while he was here rather than when he was gone, an invitation that we happily accepted as long as we knew he was actually leaving. If Ortiz came back, it starts him down a dangerous road, the Brett Favre path of a guy continuing to tell us how much we’re going to miss him without, you know, ever going away. You only get to say you’re leaving once. Even if Ortiz decided to come back next year, he would eventually have to retire, someday. (Right?) That would leave open the possibility that we get sick of him, that he would start to struggle, the very scenario he was hoping to avoid in the first place by announcing his retirement.

Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy told WEEI recently that there have been no conversations about 2017 with Ortiz.

Leave it to my hometown to want to “Resign (sic) David Ortiz 2017.” The GoFundMe effort has raised $238 so far down in Fall River. Long way to go to get to that $25 million.

None of this matter because it’s Mark Teixeira‘s job to lose next year anyway.

Speaking of guys who don’t want to retire, the New York tabloids are beating up on old, old friend Bartolo Colon about his not-so-personal life foibles.

The sun comes up, the sun goes down, and JBJ keeps on keepin’ on, whether it’s the ninth inning, or the first.

The venerable Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated has a glowing piece on Hanley Ramirez and the Red Sox while explaining the “transition tax” Hanley went through before becoming a leader.

As Curt Schilling used to say, if your team scores two runs, you can only give up one. Sorry, tough luck Game 1 loser Steven Wright.

Being a sweep-stopper is what David Price is overpaid to do.

Shocked. SHOCKED!

#TBT: Congratulations Kevin Faulk on being inducted into the New England Patriots 2016 Hall of Fame. No truth to the rumor that he will be wearing a No. 12 jersey to the ceremony.

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