A few scattered thoughts before I get in line to see Bieber at the Garden tonight.

Everybody Hates Bryce. Baseball’s best player is making baseball fun again, all right. Gotta love Bryce Harper living large as an a-hole in Washington. In his latest attempt to secure his spot as the league’s poster boy for the sport, Harper had a meltdown and unloaded an F-bomb on an umpire after his ejection for arguing a strike call last night.

Nice guy. A regular Mookie Betts, he is.

Meanwhile in the polar opposite department, Everybody Loves Steph. Everybody. It was just another ho-hum night for two-time MVP Steph Curry, who returned from injury to score 40 points — an NBA record 17 in overtime — to lead his Warriors to a 132-125 win over the Trail Blazers.


And in Boston, Everybody loves Jackie Bradley Jr. The Red Sox perennial All-Star remained red-hot, extending his hitting streak to 15 games, on a 3-for-5, six RBI night that included his first career grand slam in the Red Sox 14-7 thrashing of the Athletics.


May the ninth be with you. It was Star Wars night for no good reason at Fenway except that the team was in Chicago on May 4.

And tonight, finally, on May 10, the Red Sox celebrate David Price who has the worst ERA in major league baseball.

If Price loses two more games, the Red Sox plan to invite his mother to Fenway to give away his $400 bike to one lucky fan. Back on the field, the news is not as great as Red Sox pitching coach Carl Willis said despite all the Dustin Pedroia adjustments in the world, don’t expect to see Price throw a big boy fastball Thursday night at Fenway.

“We’ll see if we get an uptick. I don’t think you’re going to see a huge jump,” Willis said to WEEI’s Rob Bradford after Price’s side session Monday. “It’s hard to tell in a bullpen session. Even though he’s working extremely hard, that intensity is not as same. I can tell you I thought there was more finish to his fastball, more finish to his pitches. In the hitting zone, the ball was kind of taking off as opposed to having the same speed from the hand to the catcher’s mitt. Certainly to get more from your back leg, and more energy from the ground, is going to generate more velocity.”

Clay Buchholz was back to his less-than-average self last night. The up-and-down righty thought he was being traded when John Farrell yanked him after five innings. “I didn’t really know what was going on,” Buchhloz told reporters after the game. “I thought I got traded or something. I’d have liked to have gone back out for the sixth, but I’m not the manager. I felt good. I felt until the inning with [Stephen] Vogt up to bat, he’s one of their more dangerous guys. I threw him some good pitches to get through that at-bat and that inning. I wasn’t expecting not to go back out for the sixth.”

Remember Pablo Sandoval? He’s back in the news, making sure you know he’s a warrior and was playing through pain for you. It was just some people in the media who said Panda was pretending to be hurt.

“At the end of the day you have to be healthy to go out there on the field,” Sandoval said to reporters at Fenway Monday. “I know in my mind what I have in there. People say that I was faking. People in the media was saying I was faking. I don’t fake at all because I can prove that I can play through pain. I don’t have a problem at all. Now, I am focused to do all my things out there. I got the surgery already, so now I am going to focus on the rehab and get healthy [for] next year.”

Sandoval laughs at the doubters. And I guess the doubters aren’t those that understand that John Henry has already lit $35 million on fire with the first two wasted years of Pablo’s contract.

John Farrell tells The Boston Globe that Hanley Ramirez is now engaged and having fun and this is “completely different than a year ago” when John Farrell was most likely telling us that Hanley Ramirez was engaged and having fun.

The Red Sox Marketing Department is jumping on board the HanRam bandwagon but they’re trying to force Hanley’s backup nickname “El Trece” (13) down our throats. Let’s hope that works better than when they tried to force David “Blue Wolf” Ross and Jonny “Ironsides” Gomes on us online.

#TBTues — 46 years ago today:

Tom Brady can’t stop, won’t stop. He’s a regular David Ortiz when it comes to endorsements. His latest effort for Beautyrest that followed the social media tease.

Last word to your mother. David Ortiz wasn’t the only one hitting home runs for his mother Sunday. It was happening right here at home as well, but on a much smaller scale as Wellesley’s Mark Herlihy calls, then hits, a Mothers Day home run.