Water Boy antics may have sent Shawn Thornton packing…

We couldn’t resist…


Shawn Thornton  said he intends to keep his family in Boston, even if his services are no longer wanted with the Bruins.


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Chirelli on Sean Thornton:

Thornton, a free agent, wants to play another two years. His preference is to play in Boston, so the sense is that if the Bruins will have him back, he’ll return. If they don’t want him, he won’t. Chiarelli told Thornton that he needs to look at some things before he decides whether the team will make him an offer.


Thornton’s response:


“I’m hoping I’m back,” Thornton said. I don’t know, I haven’t had a meeting yet. If not, I’m still going to be in the community and still going to be here. This is where we live now, this is home. That stuff isn’t going to change.”


Sean Thornton may have embarrassed the Bruins with his “Water Boy” antics..

Although Peter Charelli is saying that with the league trending away from fighting might play a role in his decision.

 Shawn Thornton’s contract expiring after the season officially closes, Thornton said he is determined to play at least one or two more years in the league.

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