So my Week 2 picks turned out to be halfway decent. I was a bit bold in some of my choices but for the most part the results were what I wanted.

I did go out on a limb though and picked the Bears to beat the Eagles on Monday Night Football. Thanks Jay Cutler, you ruined that pick for me.

The events of last week cooked up some interesting headlines for this week. The injury bug is infecting every NFL locker room, rookie quarterbacks are stepping up and playing big boy football and the Cleveland Browns are still terrible.

This week’s games are very interesting and should bring football fans to their feet, hopefully.

All right, enough jibber jabber, here are my Week 3 picks.

Last week: (9-7)
Season record: (9-7)

Houston Texans (2-0) at New England Patriots (2-0)

Thursday Night Football at Gillette Stadium and Tom Brady is… still suspened for two more games.

To me, this game is one of the more interesting matchups for Week 3. Last week against the Miami Dolphins, Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a right AC Joint sprain. All signs point to rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett starting this week. In limited action during the Dolphins game, Brissett was able to go 6-9 for 92 yards. Now granted all of his throws didn’t go deeper than one yard down the field, but hey there’s hope.

Pop quiz! Does anyone know who the last rookie quarterback to start a game for Bill Belichick was? If you guessed Eric Zeier (Clevleand Browns, 1995) you would be correct!

The Texans have been playing good football in these early weeks and on a short week I anticpate them to play simple but hard. Watch out for J.J. Watt (obviously). Brock Osweiler did beat the Patriots last season if I remember correctly.

My pick: Texans 23, Patriots 17

Arizona Cardinals (1-1) at Buffalo Bills (0-2)

I dont understand why the Bills fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman after the team lost their Thursday Night Football matchup to the rival New York Jets 37-31. The only reason they were in the game was because of Roman.

Um, hello I think the problem in Buffalo is the Ryan brothers, but what do I know?

The Cardinals are coming off a week 2 demolishing of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40-7. Their defense looked like they were supposed to and their offense was clicking on all cylinders. I expect this game to be another high scoring one, for the Cardinals that is.

The Bill’s defense can’t stop a nose bleed but Rob Ryan surely knows how to stop at Wendy’s.

My pick: Cardinals 34, Bills 17

Oakland Raiders (1-1) at Tennessee Titans (1-1)

Before the season started, I was extremely high on the Raiders and I still am but I’m a bit timid now. In week one the Raiders showed they had some guts to win the games an up and coming team was supposed to win. In Week 2, well a totally different story.

The Raiders have shown inconsistency in the first two weeks so picking them week after week is something I’m really going to have to think about.

The Titans are playing much better than they did a season ago. They have a strong rushing attack with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. Marcus Mariota seems to be taking the next step in becoming a feared quarterback and their young defense is making plays when needed.

This game will be close!

My pick: Raiders 23, Titans 20

Cleveland Browns (0-2) at Miami Dolphins (0-2)

One of these teams will finally get their first win. Oh wait, did I say one of these teams? I meant to say the Dolphins will get their first win.

No team has had a tougher first two weeks of the season than the Miami Dolphins. In week one they had to play on the road in Seattle and in week two they were on the road again, this time in New England. That opening schedule is tough for any team.

The Dolphins were competitive in those games however, a few plays here or there and this team could be 2-0.

For the ten millionth time the Browns have another starting quarterback. It’s time to add Cody Kessler’s name to this jersey:

My pick: Dolphins 26, Browns 14

Baltimore Ravens (2-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)

I was expecting much more from the Jags in week two and they disappointed me in all sorts of ways. Blake Bortles needs to find his go-to players (Allan Robinson) because as of this moment he isn’t.

The Ravens are feeling pretty good about themselves right now. They were able to withstand a defensive struggle in Week 1 and they beat the Browns in week two. Their first two opponents weren’t similar to playing against the Monstars from Space Jam, but they aren’t the ones who make the schedule.

Baltimore will be sitting at 3-0 before their schedule becomes tough.

My pick: Ravens 24, Jaguars 20

Detroit Lions (1-1) at Green Bay Packers (1-1)

Sam Bradford outplayed Aaron Rodgers on Sunday Night Football, just let that sink in for a moment.

The Packers really disappointed a lot of people when they lost to the Vikings in week two. Both sides of the ball didn’t play great, which is surprising if you know anything about the Packers.

The Lions choked big time against the Titans. They consistently had the ball in the red zone but only came away with field goals. Matthew Stafford continues to be the “big game one week and terrible game the next week” type of quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers WILL NOT have a back-to-back poor performance. Watch out Detroit.

My pick: Packers 34, Lions 17

Denver Broncos (2-0) at Cincinnati Bengals (1-1)

I’m surprised the Broncos are sitting pretty with two wins at this moment. I thought the Super Bowl hangover was going to get to them and I was expecting Trevor Siemian to be a waste of time.

I couldn’t have been more wrong up to this point.

Coming off two impressive wins the Broncos defense is still the reason why they are winning and the offense is just doing what they need to do. Limiting mistakes.

The Bengals had a tough Week 2 loss in Pittsburgh but returning home may bring a spark to this team and help them capture a big win.

This is the game of the week for some and I fully expect it to be a good one.

My pick: , Bengals 20, Broncos 19

Minnesota Vikings (2-0) at Carolina Panthers (1-1)

The Vikings had a great win in Week 2 against the rival Packers but it came at a cost. Running back, Adrian Peterson, tore his meniscus and is out indefinitely.

On the bright side, the defense continued to look strong and Sam Bradford responded well in his first game rocking the purple.

The Panthers offense has continued to impress. Kelvin Benjamin is a stud and its obvious that Cam Newton missed him last season.

I expect this to be a close game with a lot of defense.

My pick: Panthers 19, Vikings 16

Washington Redskins (0-2) at New York Giants (2-0)

This shouldn’t be the Redskins vs. the Giants, it should be Josh Norman vs. Odell Beckham Jr.

The battle between these two will continue in the Meadowlands this Sunday and everyone’s eyes will be glued to the screen.

This is a must win for the Redskins if they want to be a contender in the NFC East. I have a strange feeling that Norman will get the best of OBJ.

My pick: Redskins 24, Giants 23

Los Angeles Rams (1-1) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1)

These two teams couldn’t have looked more opposite in Week 2. The Rams were able to stick it to the Seattle Seahawks and the Bucs couldn’t move the ball to save their lives.

The question I have coming into this game is, can the Rams defense play shut down all season and which Jameis Winston are we going to get?

This game may not be on the top of everyone’s must watch list but it could bring some interesting entertainment.

My pick: Buccaneers 17, Rams 13

San Francisco 49ers (1-1) vs. Seattle Seahawks (1-1)

Can the real Seattle Seahawks team please stand up?

The Seahawks have had two poor performances to start off the 2016 season and they are lucky enough to say they have won a game.

Unlike Seattle, the 49ers have played solid football. The offense looks as if they can put up points and at times the defense looks strong in different areas.

The Seahawks need to turn it on fast if they want to be seen as a threat in the NFC. Maybe they need this man back:

My pick: Seahawks 20, 49ers 17

New York Jets (1-1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (1-1)

This may be the week the Jets can gain some ground on the Patriots before Tom Brady returns.

So far the Jets have been very competitive in their games. They are scoring points and for the most part (besides a few big plays) the defense is doing their job.

Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to continue to limit mistakes and find his playmakers. As of today, the Matt Forte signing looks to be the steal of the offseason.

The Chiefs had a great comeback win in week one but looked poor in week two. The offense struggled and Alex Smith hasn’t played well at all. This team will only go as far as Smith takes them.

It’ll be tough playing in Arrowhead but the Jets are poised to make a run this season.

My pick: Jets 23, Chiefs 19

San Diego Chargers (1-1) vs. Indianapolis Colts (0-2)

The Colts are winless so far in this young season. That may be surprising to some but the more I think about it the more it’s not.

The front office has done absolutely nothing to help Andrew Luck out. The offensive line is still terrible, their wide receiving unit has one threat, their running back situation is abysmal and can any one name a starting defensive player?

Thanks for making the Colts competitive Jim Irsay, you’ve really gone above and beyond for this season.

My pick: Chargers 26, Colts 20

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0)

The Steelers are undefeated. Not surprising. The Eagles are also undefeated. Surprising.

Carson Wentz has been one of the bigger story lines this season. He doesn’t look like a rookie at all. He’s calm, cool and collective in the pocket. He steps up under pressure. And he knows who his playmakers are. So far so good.

Don’t let that get to everyones heads though, this week is his first true test.

The Steelers were my preseason pick to be the AFC’s representative in Super Bowl LI and so far they are showing why. Big Ben and Antonio Brown are amazing together. The young pieces on their defense are playing great and the ageless DeAngelo Williams isn’t slowing down.

Wentz will have a good game this week but I think he suffers his first NFL loss.

My pick: Steelers 30, Eagles 20

Chicago Bears (0-2) vs. Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Whoever guessed that Sunday Night Football in week three would feature Brian Hoyer and Dak Prescott should go play the lottery.

Simply put the Bears are a mess.

The Cowboys are coming off a nice win on the road against the Redskins. Dak was able to lead the team on a gaming winning drive. As the weeks roll on the Cowboys seem to be gaining more and more confidence in their young players. They need as many wins as they can get before Tony Romo comes back. Maybe they don’t even need him.

My pick: Cowboys 31, Bears 17

Atlanta Falcons (1-1) at New Orleans Saints (0-2)

Monday Night Football features the ten year anniversary of the Superdome reopening after Hurricane Katrina.

Both of these teams don’t look as if they will be hanging around come December but this game will have a special feel to it.

My pick: Saints 23, Falcons 3 (yes this was the score on September 26, 2006)