If you’re reading this, congratulations. You’ve likely navigated here through a social media link and successfully clicked on something that is not political or politically-motivated. At no point in this column will I address President Donald Trump, his inauguration, his executive orders or the peaceful protests.

I will certainly not address immigration, walls, Muslims, women’s reproductive rights, narcissism, crowd sizes or the new Supreme Court nominee.

I will also try not to trivialize the gravity of our current political climate, or disparage the collective voices; however, the inundation of political laundry on social media has reached a fevered pitch, and this snowflake needs a safe space.

Enter professional sports.

Whether you see this as a scorched earth or the dawn of a new-era, I need a break. I’m choosing to concentrate on the fact that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are playing for their fifth Superbowl ring a week from today, an achievement that will irrefutably secure their spots as the greatest quarterback/coach tandem in the history of the game.

As my wife runs downstairs with yet-another news feed about the president’s audacity, I’m choosing to concentrate on the fact that in a two weeks, on Feb. 13, the Red Sox pitchers and catchers will report to Ft. Myers for spring training. In two weeks, my eyes will finally feast on Chris Sale in a Red Sox uniform.

The reason I’m choosing to concentrate on sports, not politics, is that despite the importance we place on the outcomes in sports, they are always just games. They’re a necessary distraction from the things of real consequence. I’m not oblivious to these things of real consequence, our liberties and livelihoods, but I desperately need a distraction from doomsday and alternative facts right now.

If anything, sports eliminate alternative facts: there’s a winner and a loser without shades of gray. I need that right now.

A friend sent me a text this morning expressing the same sentiment. He took it a badass step further, unfriending anyone on Facebook who posted anything political. But I understand it.

This is not to say I’m shunning my civic duties or indifferent to the world at large, but right now, perhaps more than ever, I need to take a step back and enjoy a beer and a distraction. If this makes me a black sheep to Bernie supporters, so be it. I voted for Bernie, but I need a break.

And if the Patriots win next Sunday, Tom Brady will officially be our king.