The Red Sox may yet win it all this year. Or They may fall flat on their face in September, and spoil one of their most talented rosters in years. Wherever this carnival ride decides to end, it’ll feel incomplete without at least one signature moment from Fenway’s resident Avenger: Dennis Drinkwater.

For the uninitiated, Drinkwater (big NY Giants fan) is the founder of Giant Glass, which was recently sold to Safelite. For the last 14 years, Drinkwater has held a season ticket behind home plate at Fenway, and provided some of the best moments on the Sox broadcasts for over a decade.

When a Sox hitter pumps one out of the park, Drinkwater throws up the touchdown arms before anyone, including the hitter, has a clue of what happened. When foul balls dart into the screen in front of his section, most fans duck for cover, while Drinkwater NEVER flinches.

He’s perhaps most notorious for his quick exits. Before the hitter even knows they’ve hit a walk-off, Drinkwater is down the tunnel and heading for Landsdowne.

Regardless of how the Sox are doing, Drinkwater often provides hysterical, unintentional entertainment. The guy’s a fearless, cold-blooded assassin behind the plate.

But as someone whose watched nearly ever game this season, I’ve found myself often wondering where has Drinkwater gone? Word has it that he lost his tickets as part of Giant Glass’ sale to Safelite. Whether he’s watching from his living room, or from the bleachers, let’s hope he shows his face soon, because the Sox aren’t the same without him.

With that in mind, here’s a few of Drinkwater’s better moments over the years.

This one may take repeated viewings. Drinkwater is hovering just to the left of Ortiz, wearing a green coat. This is one of the greatest moments in the history of the franchise, with everyone in the park hanging with that ball every step of the way. Not Dennis. He knew it was gone instantly, and can only think about beating the traffic. He’s just too battle tested. This is a guy that would’ve walked off the boat at D-Day with a line and a pole.

This is just pure emasculation of Daniel Nava.

Hard to tell if he’s just not afraid of the ball, or if he’s using the force to slow it down.

Take notes.

Final out of the 2013 World series, easily the happiest moment of Drink’s life. What’s not shown here is that Drinkwater managed to get on the field and celebrate with the team.

And finally, a few years back, Dirty Water had the chance to catch up with Drinkwater, in the flesh.