ESPN The MagazineBoston is a city that expects winners. Winning is in the city’s blood and it is all the City has really known for the past 15 or so years. With the Celtics getting the third overall pick in Tuesday night’s NBA lottery and the Red Sox playing some amazing Baseball, the question needs to be asked, of all the professional sport franchises in Boston, who has the brightest future?


First, let’s look at the Boston Celtics, who after Tuesday night’s draft lottery will select third overall in the upcoming draft with additional picks at No. 14 and No. 23. Three first round picks this year, followed by the option to switch first round picks next year with the Brooklyn Nets, followed by owning the Nets 2018 first round pick. Danny Ainge has an immense amount of assets: a great, young coach in Brad Stevens, and a team that showed they could make the playoffs. The future is bright for Ainge and the Celtics but this offseason will show how bright the future can actually be.

If Ainge can go out and acquire an All-Star caliber player like a Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, or Demarcus Cousins, then the future can be very bright here in Boston for the Green. But for now, Danny actually needs to do something with all of these assets before they can be considered to have the brightest future in Boston.

Red Sox

A pair of uber prospects for the Red Sox, Yoan Moncada and Andrew Benintendi in Winston-Salem. via @CharlieDrysdale)
A pair of uber prospects for the Red Sox, Yoan Moncada and Andrew Benintendi in Winston-Salem. via @CharlieDrysdale)

Next let’s look to the Red Sox who sit near the top of the AL East. John Farrell’s club ranks first in the majors in runs (233), hits (414), doubles (102), RBIs (222), batting average (.297), slugging percentage (.486), and OPS (.844). Led by young stars Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Travis Shaw, and Xander Bogaerts, the future at Fenway Park is bright.

While the future at Fenway is extremely bright, let’s not forget about the farm system dubbed “One of the best in the Majors”. In July,’s Keith Law had the Red Sox as the No. 1 ranked farm system in  MLB. had the Red Sox ranked No. 6 for the following reasons:

“Even after a wave of big league promotions and trades, the Red Sox still have plenty of prospect star power. They have arguably the best quartet of prospects in baseball in their Fab Four of second baseman Yoan Moncada, third baseman Rafael Devers, outfielder Andrew Benintendi and right-hander Anderson Espinoza, who played together in low Class A last season. Devers (2013), Espinoza (2014) and Moncada (2015) were Boston’s biggest international signings in each of the last three years.”

With a team that is winning now and a farm system built for success, the Red Sox may have the brightest future in the city.


Let’s head out to Foxborough to look at the team that has been absolutely dominant the past decade and a half: the New England Patriots. Even without a first round draft pick this year, I remain highly confident in the Patriots future. Their ability to draft and develop is second to none in all of professional sports. Finding guys like Tom Brady in the sixth round and Julian Edelman in the seventh round are great examples that this franchise’s ability to scout, draft, and develop is unlike any other team in the NFL.

Don'ta Hightower (center) and Jamie Collins (right) .(via @Pats_Junkie)
Don’ta Hightower (center) and Jamie Collins (right) .(via @Pats_Junkie)

Now let’s face the facts, Tom Brady isn’t getting any younger and whether he plays two more years or five, his time in a Patriots uniform will come to an end.

But there’s no need to worry Patriots fans. With the greatest coach ever in Bill Belichick and with the Globe’s Dan Shaunghessy calls “tomato cans” lined up to play them in the division, along with a defense built on Jamie Collins, Don’ta Hightower, and Malcolm Butler, the Patriots have the potential to be successful for a long time.


Finally, let’s look to the Boston Bruins, a team that has missed the playoffs the past two seasons after being one of the dominant teams in the eastern conference for the past half-decade or so. While the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics all have bright futures, the only thing to look forward to with the Bruins is the new complex being added to the TD Garden.

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney announced last month that Claude Julien — the coach with the most wins in Bruins history — would return next season after missing the playoffs the last two seasons.

Sweeney, who started the rebuild last season by trading forward Milan Lucic for essentially two first round picks and Colin Miller, will have some decisions to make this offseason starting with what to do with the team’s two first-round picks. The team will draft No. 14 overall with their pick, and what was expected to be a top-10 pick from the San Jose Sharks, has now turned into a No. 27-30 pick.

The team does have some bright spots in Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand, as well as young stars Frank Vatrano and David Pastrnak, but Sweeney will need to add to his defense as well as replace the gaping hole left by Loui Eriksson, who is a UFA.

Earlier this offseason, the Boston Herald reported that Hobey Baker Winner and Massachusetts native Jimmy Vesey is leaning towards signing with the Bruins, a move that could change the future of the team.

But until then, the future does not look to bright for the B’s.