The man is not only a Finals Champ, Finals MVP, and the highest scorer in Celtics history but he is a Boston legend. No. 34 is now in the rafters and wow, how surreal is that. My entire life, I grew up watching Paul Pierce play basketball. I grew up going to Celtics games with my dad and looking up at the rafters asking my dad which number belonged to who. I never got to see any of those guys play live. But Pierce, man, I saw him go toe-to-toe with greats such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. A chubby, un-athletic forward with the greatest fade away jumper in NBA history.

The man was stabbed 11 times in the face, neck, and back and didn’t miss a game. When you hear about Celtic pride and heart, that is what I think about.

I think about the infamous “Wheelchair Game” when Pierce went down in Game 1 of the ‘08 Finals and was carried off then came running out of the locker room and dropped 22 points.

I think about Pierce talking shit right into Al Harrington’s face and then draining a three, again, right in his face.

Pierce is a true representation of excellence, pride, and heart. He is a Boston hero, forever a Celtic and forever, The Truth.

Photo: Boston Herald

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Matthew Gentile is a 19-year-old Marketing major at Providence College who been an avid Boston sports fan his entire life. Growing up in North Reading, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from Boston, Matt has been watching the Boston Celtics since the ‘07-’08 season. Matt fell in love with the Celtics and specifically Paul Pierce, one of his heroes. He watches just about every Boston Celtics game throughout the 82-game season and researches statistics and player information on the daily. He is also passionate about music, movies, writing and the New England Patriots. Matt enjoys playing basketball, old school video games and having a strong social life in his free time. Matt loves Boston as much as anyone.