Bill Belichick has done it again. Josh Gordon has been traded to the New England Patriots for a 5th round pick in the 2019 draft. A 5th round pick. Jalen Ramsey has no idea how grateful he should be that the Jaguars did not have to face Brady to Moss part two. The rest of the NFL should be very scared.

The suspension of Julian Edelman put the Patriots without a number one wide receiver for the first four games this season. Once the suspension was served Edelman will come back and Brady will make him look like a top-tier receiver in no time. But with the addition of Josh “Flash” Gordon, the Patriots have just been given a gun in a knife fight.

For those of you that don’t know, Josh Gordon put down the weed for the weights recently. Sure he has a troubled past, but that has never stopped the Patriots from bringing guys in. Belichick is the master of bringing in veterans and making them into stars. And now, given on a silver platter, is a 27-year-old freight train of a wide receiver, standing at 6’3” weighing 225.

If Brady can make a 5’10” 198 pound Julian Edelman into a stud, imagine what you are about to witness.

This trade is a very low-risk situation. If Gordon is not active for 10 of the next 14 games, the Patriots will be given a 7th round pick in next year’s draft. Worst case scenario, the Patriots spend a little under $700,00 and Gordon doesn’t live up to the hype. Best case scenario, Tom Brady finds his best weapon since Randy Moss. Although New England never won the Super Bowl with Moss, they were a helmet catch away from going a perfect 19-0.

Josh Gordon was selected for a Pro Bowl and on the First Team All-Pro in 2013 with 1,646 receiving yards, averaging 117.6 yards per game. He has proven himself to be reliable on the field, it is just a matter of whether or not he can be off the field. If Belichick and the rest of the Patriots organization can keep him in line, then a weight has just been lifted off of 41-year-old Tom Brady’s shoulders.

When Gordon catches a 50-yard dime from Brady in the back of the end zone at Mercedes-Benz Stadium this February, then, they will see.