Massnightly’s Wing King Challenge: Vito’s Tavern


After suffering a crushing defeat last week at The Point, it was redemption time. The king put Vito’s Tavern in the North End of Boston in his sights, and took it head on.

Who: Vito’s Tavern
Where: 54 Salem Street, North End Boston, MA
Challenge: 10 Atomic wings in 10 minutes (If you finish them, they’re on the house!)



Kings Korner

“The King is back baby! Last Tuesday was a fluke at The Point. I’m back on my feet and ready to rumble. Vito’s has a great sports atmosphere that immediately put me in wing destruction mode. 10 atomic wings in 10 minutes was the challenge. I was able to put them down in 3:20 seconds, then went back for more. #BRINGTHEHEATBABY!!!!

Lets make a few things clear for those attempting to tackle this challenge in the near future:
1) Don’t attempt if you have a girlfriend you really like and just started dating
2) Don’t attempt on a weekday, especially if you have a crush on a pretty girl at the office
3) Don’t attempt if you cant handle (as the manager put it) “a level below pepper-spray heat”.

The King has to fight off women on a daily basis so this challenge was tough for me, but we managed! Follow me on @MN_WingKing to find out where i’ll be next!”

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