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Please reach out to Julie Fairweather at if you want to engage with a vibrant, growing audience via the hottest media property in New England.

  • Get your business, location, or brand featured on NESN’s Dirty Water TV
  • Let us produce a professional TV commercial for you
  • We can also create a short-form video for your social media accounts
  • Sponsor a streaming show, segment, or video series

Inquire about various ad units, pre-roll video, email banners, sponsored content and social media posts, or the development of native advertising across any of our com web properties.

Dirty Water Media

Fulfillment & Refund/Cancellation with DWM

Dirty Water Media is a media production company that creates content for social media and TV. Our clients receive the content that they are promised in an efficient and timely manner as described in their individual proposals and contract. Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer refunds on content that has been produced and delivered. If you are interested in exploring cancelling your contract please reach out to your account representative.