195 Essential Clothing Honors COVID-19 Pandemic Frontline Workers

by | May 7, 2020 | Dirty Water News

Launch Coincides with Kick-off to National Nurses Day on Wednesday, May 6 and National Nurses Week from Wednesday, May 6 through Tuesday, May 12

195 Essential is proud to announce the launch of its clothing and apparel line with the main purpose of finding the good in the worst possible crisis by supporting and highlighting the ideals, people and organizations that are essential to our community, country and lives. 195 Essential clothing and apparel is available for purchase at www.195essential.com.
In the midst of a world pandemic, as fear and uncertainty grip us all, we have been granted a unique opportunity to consider some crucial questions. Who is essential? What is essential? What can we live without? What really matters? What has also become clear is the existence of a massive collective energy and community spirit that runs through our towns and cities, across the country and throughout the 195 countries around the globe. 195 Essential wants to drive awareness and a renewed appreciation for some of the basics of life – family, friends, neighbors, work, food and human contact.
“During this time, hundreds of thousands of those around us who perform daily tasks that largely go unnoticed – nurses, teachers, doctors, transportation workers, grocers, clerks, and several others – were thrust into the spotlight and classified as “Essential,” said Jason Harris, Co-Founder of 195 Essential. “We want to collect stories, ideas and great moments that demonstrate what is essential and emblazon these ideas in our clothing, and as a brand overall, that represent the collective spirit of the strongest amongst us to lift, protect and support those most in need.
By recognizing and honoring these essential people that so often go under-appreciated and unnoticed that do their jobs in the face of danger, which allows us to live, work and play without worry and concern, we just might find the answer to the question – what is essential to us living our lives well together on this planet.”
In celebration of National Nurses Day on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 and National Nurses Week from Wednesday, May 6 through Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 195 Essential will purchase one meal for nurses through Nutré Meal Plans’ #FeedingHeroes initiative for every t-shirt sold.
195 Essential will also give away forty-one ‘Essential Nurse’ t-shirts – one for each day since Governor Charlie Baker issued an emergency order throughout Massachusetts on March 24, 2020 requiring all non-essential businesses and organizations to close their physical workplaces.
Friends and family with a nurse in the midst of the COVID-19 battle are encouraged to nominate him or her by sending a direct message to the 195 Essential Instagram page at www.instagram.com/195essential. Chosen nurses may also be featured on the 195 Essential website, blog and social media channels.
“A conversation I had with my daughter, while seeing her genuine desire for wanting to do something positive and make the world a better place once we get through this pandemic, is what sparked our idea for the ‘who is essential?’ movement,” added Jason Harris. “So, we want to capture the collective energy, community spirit and learning of a great tragedy to bring about change, respect and appreciation for our families, our communities and our country.”
195 Essential is currently in discussions with non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals about donating a portion of the proceeds to those performing selfless acts, and providing goods and services – most at their own expense – to alleviate some of the stresses essential workers are facing, or to give them support at the job or in their home, which will ultimately allow them to perform more efficiently and effectively.