Beauty & The Beast Are Set to Enchant Boston!

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Boston - Eat & Drink, Dirty Water News

Calling all lovers of fairy-tales far and wide, are you ready to live your childhood dreams? This magical cocktail experience inspired by the enchanted world of Beauty & The Beast is sure to leave you feeling like a true princess, or prince!

Brought to you by the interactive team responsible for The Wizard’s Den, Neverland Bar and The Alice on the grounds of the Merchant Kitchen & Bar on Franklin Street in Boston, this immersive cocktail journey is set to land in January 2023. From Thursday, January 12th to Thursday, March 30th guests will be able to dive into the enchanted and cursed world of this Disney classic.

Sessions will be 90 minutes long and there are at least 3 time slots available on each night to choose from. Over the course of the 90 minutes, guests will create two bespoke themed cocktails, work together to solve riddles and other challenges to escape the enchanted castle, and much more. In addition to the tricks are the treats! There will be both alcoholic and edible varieties of the Castle’s finest delights available to be sampled.

This is something to not be missed. Where else can you find an escape room, theater show, and adventure all blended together into one unforgettable experience?

Picture this: You just got invited to an elaborate, classy, and elegant ball. You need something to wear. You desperately search through your closet in hopes to find the gown that will turn the heads of all guests and make their jaws drop in awe.

Now this is the type of attire guests should be aiming for as dress up is encouraged. Whether it be an abundant amount of sparkles, fancy feathers, or classy red lipstick, it will only make this experience more magical! Channel your inner Belle!

These events are 21+ but there are family friendly nights where under 21s are allowed entry. In addition to family friendly nights, there are also strictly mocktail nights where no alcohol will be served. 

To book your fantasy visit here. Tickets are $47. 

Refunds are not available but if something arises and you can no longer attend the date you had purchased those tickets for, they can be transferred to another date and or time that will allow you to attend.

And as Belle once said, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere..”, our answer is, here it is.