If Patient – Bloodshot May Surprise You

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Dirty Water News

Bloodshot is the 2020 American superhero film based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name and starring Vin Diesel. It is intended to be the first installment in a series of films set within a Valiant Comics shared cinematic universe.

The movie adaptation of the comics Bloodshot offers a great twist on action and drama with a refreshing look at heroes not associated with Marvel – not that there’s anything wrong with Spidey and the other Avengers! 

Directed by David S. F. Wilson, the world we are thrown into is one of mystery at first. The audience works its way through reality and fantasy, trying to decipher what’s actually happening. 

Experience moments that make you think “oh that’s so cliche” and then instantly make you rethink, “Wow! Oh, that’s so much better than what I was expecting!” 

Bloodshot is filled to the brim with action, with Vin Diesel’s acting continuously pushing the story forward. If you’re looking to be engaged for two hours, this is the movie for you. 

The character development has obviously been given a lot of attention and commitment. The technology in this movie is very advanced and it’s easy to see how much fun the production team had when building this world. 

Trust the pacing of the movie. The beginning can drag and feel like it’s just another copy-cat spy movie. That’s on purpose! You’ll see why as the plot unfolds. 

Bloodshot is a great adaptation of the comics, something that does justice for the fans that grew up loving the story. Of course, “the book was better,” can be argued, but the special effects and leading actors really throw you into this world full of realistic stakes, very funny comic relief, and excellent dialogue. 

Enjoy a film that not only keeps you wanting more, but makes you want to get up and join the fight!  The movie hit theaters just as the coronavirus virtually shut down the country.  So it’s coming to your home screen sooner than anticipated.  Click here for a full rundown of other movies you can now watch from the comfort of your socially distant sofa.