Corona Shut Down Shout Out – 04.02.20

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Dirty Water News, Featured, Food and Drink

Another day, another shout out.  Rain today – drizzly, cold, bleh – about the same for tomorrow. Saturday the rain stops but it’s still freakin’ winter cold … by Sunday and Monday sunshine should reign supreme giving us all something to smile about and perhaps maybe even an excuse to get outside and move our bodies.
Until then, here are a few things to inspire you, keep you busy, and broaden your mind beyond the obvious … wondering when this abysmal situation will be over and we can go out and hug people again.  Until then, sending virtual hugs and these corona shut down shout outs for today, Thursday, April 2, 2020.

Kudos to The Cue, a style lounge located in Dorchester that has everything ladies need to feel confident in their stule – anytime, anywhere.  That’s their credo every day as they offer the latest styles to Boston’s fashionistas.  But with the onset of Covid-19 and the crisis that is unfolding before us, The Cue Owner Lindsay Tia Reilly is taking that credo to more altruistic heights.  Lindsay and her team are working night and day to ensure that the health care heroes working on the front lines of the Coronavirus battle get everything they need to get their job done in comfort and safety.
In order to do their part and help support those on the front line fighting and keeping us all safe. They have designed “Headbands for Heroes”. It all started after talking to some nurses on the front line, one common feedback they kept hearing was that their ears were incredibly sore after wearing the masks on each long shift – the straps go behind their ears leaving the skin irritated and sore. So The Cue went to work designing headbands complete with buttons that health care workers could wrap those painful straps behind.  These headbands alleviate the pain caused by the straps on the ear, instead wrapping the strap around a button. It was genius!
Click here to purchase one for yourself OR more importantly buy one for a friend or loved one who is currently working the front lines. Use code: HEADBANDS for FREE SHIPPING on HEADBANDS FOR HOPE!

Ashley Hilmes,. N.P., founder of VEGA Vitality, specializes in cosmetic injectables and a variety of medical esthetic services. After 10 years of working in health care, she knew it was time to live out her dream of creating a health and wellness practice.

If you’re anything like us, this whole quarantine thing has taken a toll on your beauty regime. In fact, we’ve never needed a spa day more. While that might not be possible now, a girl can dream … and plan! Whether you’re looking for a virtual consult to up your skincare regime, or want to get your physical training on at home, Vega Vitality has you covered.  All you need to do is reach out to them.
VEGA Vitality is comprised of a team of industry experts working together to provide the best in health and beauty. They believe the secret to wellness is found in a holistic and integrative approach to client-centered care. Their intention is to connect inner health with outer beauty because you should really appreciate and recognize the value in both.
Best of all? Their consults are completely free and they’re offering $25 dollars off your skincare plan!  You can also stay up to date on the latest health and beauty hacks by following Vega Vitality on Instagram – they tend to do nightly chats with Boston’s most notable health, fitness and fashion influencers who have been sharing some amazing insight and tips on how to cope and make the most of this coronavirus crisis.  Tonight they chatted with @abovehealth about the role that food plays with your health, skin and immune system.  Check it out!


A huge thank you to our friends @TencentGlobal – without their vital logistical knowledge and help warehousing and protecting these critical supplies, this would NOT have been possible. Photo: NEPatriots Twitter Account.

Thanks to some innovative and diligent collaboration between Governor Charlie Baker and The New England Patriots, much-needed medical supplies are being flown into Boston’s Logan Airport today.  The New England Patriots’ Boeing 767 flew to Shenzhen, China on Wednesday, landed and sat on the tarmac for just under three hours to pick up and transport 1.2 million N95 masks home to Boston.

Governor Charlie Baker struck an agreement two weeks ago to acquire the critically needed masks from a “collection of Chinese manufacturers,” but he had no way to get them back to Massachusetts.
So he turned to good friend, Patriots’ president Jonathan Kraft for help. Owner Robert Kraft also got involved, as did the U.S. State Department. Special arrangements had to be made to fly to China and to allow the plane to land. No one from the flight crew was allowed to leave the jet during the nearly three hour stop so they would not have to be quarantined in China for fourteen days. The original plan was to pick up 1.7 million masks, but only 1.2 million could fit on the plane. Word has it Bob Kraft told the plane crew to drop some of to NYC, and the rest will be sent to Massachusetts early next week in another shipment.

Founded in 2015, New City Microcreamery is a metropolis of fine confections, smooth creams, and delectable treats. They’ve taken the ice cream of their wildest imaginations and brought it to life. They are creating something they believe in; their childhood dream of a utopian society where ice cream rules – and most importantly – it’s good. It’s really good.
They use a liquid nitrogen process to freeze the cream. After the scratch ice cream base has steeped in its flavor for 24 hours in their walk-in refrigerator, they pour it into the mixer. First, they slowly move the base and introduce the liquid nitrogen, which is more than negative 300 degrees and freeze the base. They then increase the speed on the mixer to aerate the frozen cream and give it its lighter texture and mouthfeel. Using the super-cold liquid nitrogen creates a smaller ice crystal which gives it a smooth New City texture.
Now you can get this goodness to go OR delivered straight to your door.  They offer plenty of classics by the scoop! Safely pick-up your treats by ordering online ahead of time 🍦They’re taking orders until 8:30PM — last pickup at 9:00PM.  Their Cambridge and Hudson shops are open for takeout: Mon-Thurs 3-9 & Fri-Sun 1-9, they ask that you please preorder your scoops and pints either over the phone (617-945-0279), with Toast Takeout or UberEats!
Apple recently announced the debut of a new Apple TV+ drama called “Home Before Dark”, a new series inspired by the reporting of young investigative journalist Hilde Lysiak, and follows a young girl who moves from Brooklyn to a small lakeside town. Hilde, portrayed by child actor Brooklynn Prince, will pursue a cold case that everyone, including her father, tried to bury.
The ten one-hour-long episode season has already been produced with a second season renewal announced during the reveal. The show is produced by Anonymous Content and Paramount Television Studios, and directed by Jon M. Chu, of Crazy Rich Asians fame. The series is set to premier on April 3, 2020 on Apple’s streaming service.
You can watch Home Before Dark and other Apple produced content on AppleTV. The streaming service is $5 per month and can be found across all Apple devices, third party set top boxes, and some smart TVs.  You can watch the first episode and live tweet with the cast, starting at 5pm PT/8pm ET tomorrow night on Twitter! #HomeBeforeDarkTogether

Core Power Yoga is offering FREE and monthly subscription services on their website throughout this Coronavirus crisis. Subscribe to CorePower Yoga On Demand and get access to 250+ yoga, sculpt and meditation classes – whenever, wherever for just $19.99/month. Click here to get started.
Core Power Yoga’s mission is to show the world the incredible life changing things that happen when you root an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga. Their classes, teachers and community of nearly 200 yoga studios are ready to help you work every muscle and every emotion as you flow, sweat and savasana together – virtually for now.

Feeling frustrated sitting at home, while others are risking their lives on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak? Well, there is something you can do as you continue — hopefully — social distance yourself and self-quarantining. Clap. That’s right, clap for the health care workers, first responders, nurses, grocery store employees, those keeping our public transit running, truck drivers & many more who are stepping up to keep us safe during these unprecedented times.
They are calling it Boston #ClapBecauseWeCare and it’s pretty simple … tomorrow night at 7pm, clap for five minutes.  You can even tape a little video of yourself -and your family and friends – doing so to post to social media with the hashtag #CLAPBECAUSEWECARE so the people we are applauding know we care.
Individuals around the world have been showing their support with the simple gesture from the confines of their home. Now it’s our turn Massachusetts — from the Berkshires to Boston, let’s come together as a Commonwealth on Friday at 7PM (and every Friday after that) to rally and cheer for our heroes.
They did it in London and it looked like this:

We know how to come together in challenging times. We’re in this together—we’re Boston Strong! Share with your network and spread the word! Let’s make some noise!  Don’t forget to #CLAPBECAUSEWECARE

The talented team of chicken “SPECIALISTS” from Chicken on the Road continue to hit the pavement make their amazing chicken tenders and other menu items available to the masses.  They are eager to serve you the most delicious chicken bites and chicken subs that have made them famous. Join them  “On the Road” for The Best Damn Chicken… Period.  Visit their Facebook page for their latest pick up locations and specials. You can also call Augusta’s and pick up a Chicken Bite Tray- 50, 80 or 100 pieces with 2 dipping sauces – family dinner done right!

Talk about a day to celebrate!  Happy 104th Birthday William Lapschies, who recently recovered from coronavirus, celebrates this landmark birthday with a small group of family at the Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home in Lebanon, Oregon, yesterday.  Keep the faith people!