Corona Shut Down Shout Out – 03.23.20

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Dirty Water News, Featured, Food and Drink

Announcing the Corona Shut Down Shout Out – Everything You Need to Know to Stay Positive, Happy, Motivated and Hopeful Throughout the Corona Shut Down!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sitting here for the past week just watching things progress.  And, despite the fact that this Corona shut down has been going on for nearly ten days now, for me it has whizzed by at lightening speed.
How could that be? Because I’ve been mesmerized by the whirlwind of action, activity, the rising to the occasion that has been demonstrated by people and businesses in Boston and beyond on a daily basis.
I have contemplated tracking it all, and creating articles that summarize various activities and achievements in various industries. But things move and change so fast – faster than I, apparently – so I decided that with this new week unfolding, why not take a more proactive, real time approach and finally take action.
So here’s what we’re doing.  We’re going to provide daily updates on the latest news, innovative, resources, inspiration and entertainment that will – hopefully – help you get through this absolutely insane time.
Also, if you are doing something cool or you know of a business that is working to make life better during the shut down, please share that news with us via email to  See you soon Boston!

Day #1:  The Corona Shut Down Shout Out!


Capo & Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant’s make your own pizza kits provide everything you need to bake two delicious pizzas.

Looking for the perfect rainy day activity? Grab one of their Pizza Kits and get cooking! 🍕♥️ Capo & Lincoln have teamed up to bring you the perfect pizza for two kit that includes two balls of pizza dough and all the fixings you need for just $14 (+$2 for pepperoni). Available for order on @doordash, @caviar or purchase directly from their website!

Feeling, down, fat and alone? Turn to MaddzTaddz on social media and that will soon change … and fast.

If you haven’t met her before, her name is Maddy Ciccone – aka MaddzTaddz on social – and she is a Master Instructor at SoulCycle and full time unicorn – her words, not ours, but we tend to believe her. She calls herself a unicorn because she considers it her job – spreading joy and inspiring others. Well, suffice it to say MaddzTaddz has taken the full time role of Corona Unicorn because that is exactly what she has been doing since the crisis hit.  Whether it’s in the studio, on the streets, via her “Beyond the Bike” podcast, or through all her other countless forms of social media she’s always leading everyone to live their most JOYFUL – LOVING – and above all else FEARLESS lives, on and beyond the bike!  Take her daily workouts on IGTV – they are a great example of how Maddy can take you outside the Corona virus lockdown and become joyful in your own homes, doing kick ass arm, abs and butt workouts that will not only leave you feeling sweaty, sore and accomplished, but also make you realize you really aren’t as alone as you thought you were.

Debevino Winery has begun offering no-contact, to-go wine sales at their Walpole, MA-based winery. Available as two, four, six, or 12-packs, bottles can be purchased over-the-phone/online and picked up on Fridays from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m. A portion of the proceeds from all wine sales will directly benefit the Walpole Food Pantry, the local non-profit organization that distributes free food to eligible Walpole residents. Order and pay by phone: call 1-508-622-3333 to place your order and pay over the phone. Order by email and pay in person: email them at with your name, phone number, number of bottles, and your choice of wines.

Everyday at 7pm Bostonians are encouraged to hit their balconies, hang out of their windows and porches, sing it from the rooftops and sing the Secret Boston Song of the Day!  Italy started this moving and unifying tradition in an attempt to forge community amidst the COVID-19 crisis. According to Secret Boston, “people look happy in the photos and videos … so, let’s do the same for our community!” Each day by 5pm, Secret Boston will announce the day’s song via their daily email blast, their Instagram Stories, and their Facebook private Group and Facebook page.  Join in on the fun.  The practice has become so popular that they now announce an adult and a children’s version.  Today songs are: ABBA – DANCING QUEEN and COCOMELON – WHEELS ON THE BUS

Every day at 12pm EST, Mel Robbins goes LIVE on social media to serve as a lifeline, a teacher, a coach and a fellow human riding this unprecedented wave of uncertainty with you. Having coached millions of people through change, crisis, trauma and anxiety, Mel Robbins know the research-backed tools and proven mindset tricks that help you feel less stressed and allow you to take control. Every day, she will share them with you, take your questions and give you a simple, North Star to focus on. Basically put, Mel Robbins gives you a lifeline to hope! This is all being provided to you absolutely FREE. You can join LIVE on your phone or your computer, every day at 12noon every day.
What: Live Broadcast to #StayConnected
Where: @MelRobbins Facebook | Instagram | YouTube⁠ | Twitter | LinkedIn
If you miss Mel live, all the #StayConnected videos are on YouTube. Just tune in, you will be reassured and inspired.


The restaurant industry, employing more than 350,000 individuals in Massachusetts, is especially vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 closures with many hourly workers depending on wages/tips to cover basic living expenses and provide for their families.
During these unprecedented times where many small, independent establishments are forced to close their doors for the greater good of our city, Samuel Adams and The Greg Hill Foundation recognize those who will take the biggest hit and offer their support. So, they’ve teamed up to support the restaurant workers who are deeply impacted by the closures. Their goal is to stand by the restaurant industry during this time of need when wages and tips are lost. Samuel Adams got its start in the bars and restaurants of Boston 35 years ago, so they’re kickstarting the Restaurant Strong Fund with a contribution of $100,000 through the Greg Hill Foundation and will match funds raised through March 31, up to an additional $100,000.  Click here for details.

They did it!  Short Path Distillery in Everett, Massachusetts figured out a way to make hand sanitizer to help fill demand for the product for consumers.  Last week they announced that they are selling 2 oz hand sanitizers for $3 each.They had a limited quantity, so hey were only selling a maximum of 2 bottles per person.  Typically they are open from 12-8pm daily for bottle, merch, and now hand sanitizer sales.  Those initial quantities quickly sold out, but they are working hard to make another batch, they are just awaiting supplies. They’re scheduled to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, then they have to make the sanitizer and bottle it. They announce the news on their social media as soon as another batch is ready for sale. It is important to note that they are not currently shipping, delivering, or taking orders in advance. This may change, but right now their resources are limited and they’re only able to take walk-in sales. They are working on a plan to make sanitizer in bulk so that they can hopefully offer larger orders and potentially donations to groups / corporations in need. Stay tuned & stay clean!   We also know that other distilleries are also doing the same to help the community and plan to bring you additional details on their supplies soon.

Dr. Peter Martone, owner of Atlantis Chiropractic Wellness in Wakefield, Massachusetts and creator of The Neck Nest – a pillow for your neck, not your head because cradles your neck while keeping the shoulders, head and spine perfectly aligned. He’s a busy guy with a lot of patients to care for, yet since he beginning of this Corona scare, he has been taking to Facebook to deliver live presentations on how to best take care of yourself and stay healthy! He has nicknamed himself The Corona Yoda … think of him as the Jedi Master for keeping his audience level headed, healthy and ready to kick Corona’s ass.  So we recommend following The Corona Yoda and keeping things healthy until we get through this crisis.

For years, #TheNines has been committed to serving you, and they’re still here for you today and throughout the Corona crisis. Order Online and take your Ninety Nine favorites home via Curbside To Go or try one of their new Family Meal Deals that feeds up to five.  And it gets even better – now you can get 25% off your next To Go Order with code: HERE4YOU. Visit for details. In an effort to help ease your burden a bit and support you, your friends and your family, please feel free to use this special Friends & Family offer for 25% off your next ToGo Order. Just show this article to your ToGo Host upon payment or even better, order online at and enter CODE: TEAM99 upon checkout. This offer is valid until 3/31/20.

Corona virus has sent most everyone behind closed doors until further notice.  Stores, bars, restaurants and even cinemas have shut down to aid the need for social distancing.  As cinemas across the country shut down their concession stands and turn the lights up on theaters, some movies will now light up your home movie screen a little earlier than expected. Certain releases are heading to your homes a little sooner than originally planned to relieve your couch bound doldrums, and – no doubt – make a few bucks for movie studios. Click here for a full rundown of the movies you can now watch from home.