Being Treated Like Royalty On Aruba

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Dirty Water News, Featured, Food and Drink

The Greatest Service – Chalet Suisse

Chalet Suisse was recommended by various experienced Aruba vacationers, and for good reason. This place is FIRST CLASS and radiates a historic, yet incredibly cozy vibe. 

We were immediately greeted with friendly faces and incredible service. Priya, the assistant manager who is the glue to the operation, immediately brought us over to the bar. We started with a cocktail made by the venue’s one and only bartender, a craftsman of cocktails who treated us to a DELICIOUS Ciroc Redberry, Passoa liqueur and cranberry juice cocktail before we were brought to a gorgeous dining room centered by a stunning Tiffany chandelier. 

After a day of snorkeling and throwing back some Pirate Rum Punch (basically the jungle juice of Aruba), it was safe to say we were hungry and ready to indulge. And indulge, we did.

We started our meal by being introduced to the members of what I will call the Chalet Suisse Dream Team”. Our waiter for the night was a man named Kopin, an Aruba native who radiated love and positive energy. With a smile, Kopin placed a basket of gorgeous fresh rolls and garlic bread on our table. They tasted as if they were homemade and were oh so delicious. When the second member of the “dream team”, Louis, offered us some more bread, we couldn’t resist.

Next up were the appetizers, which included some of the best options Chalet Suisse has to offer on the menu. In case you aren’t aware, Aruba is an island abundant with fresh fish, meaning the seafood is incredibly fresh. So when I saw Joaquin –  another dream team member – bring over a plate of crab cakes, coconut shrimp, and calamari … I was amped.

The entire meal was presented beautifully and paired with a glass of white wine from the Suisse wine cellar. The white wine complimented the flavor of the seafood perfectly.

After the refreshing cocktail, the beautiful bread, and the scrumptious appetizers it is safe to say that we were convinced that that they could not top what they had already brought to us … but we were wrong. Kopin and Joaquin brought the most glorious selection of entrees to our table.  

Just. Look. At. That.

My mouth is watering simply recalling this meal. We experienced three absolutely stunning entrees. The perfectly cooked steak and lobster mac made this meal special, I mean just look at them. Each flavor danced off one another and created an unforgettable blend of flavors. The team paired the meal with another white wine that finished the after taste of each bite with the most satisfying sip. 

We were basically in a state of food induced euphoria when Joaquin shuffled over with a rolling table topped with a beautiful lamb. The lamb was cut right in front of us as clouds of fresh steam rose out of each cut. The lamb was presented to us with love and mashed potatoes, that looked like a small piece of art.

At this point, if must be hard to imagine that we were able to indulge in these sumptuous meals and still have room for dessert.  But when food is this good, you somehow find a way!

When Joaquin brought over our last plate and it is one I will never forget. This sweet finish to one incredible meal included fresh gelato, tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake, and the most delicious apple strudel I have ever had in my life.

It is safe to safe that at this point I have never experienced restaurant service at such a high level.  The entire Chalet Suisse team was welcoming, knowledgeable, and supremely professional.  There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this venue would receive “The Greatest Service” award for our trip to Aruba, and quite possibly may never be surpassed by another venue I visit, like. ever.

Chalet Suisse is truly an amazing flavor experience. From the cocktails and appetizers to their incredible entrees, wine pairings and impeccable desserts, Chalet Suisse is a very special experience. If you are in Aruba and looking for a night out to remember, I highly recommend visiting Chalet Suisse. Incredible people with welcoming energy and food that you will remember for a lifetime. Thank you Chalet Suisse for an amazing night of great food and laughter.